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The Lord Answered Me And Set Me Free

MarcelIndependence Day

As I wrote in the books I gave my grandchildren, some of the words (Besides “I love you!”) included “I am glad you are here.” “This is a day to celebrate freedom. Be all you can be. Experience freedom!”

Freedom is important. Without freedom how can you or I be all we were called to be. If we lived in a place like China or North Korea, what would be our “freedom experience”? I have been to foreign countries, had third world experiences. I have seen the devastation, the depression and the lack of freedoms. Freedom is better! Continue reading The Lord Answered Me And Set Me Free

Wanting To Hear From The Lord

leejohndrowteamI have been around long enough to have seen a few things in my life. One of the things I do is encourage people to hear from the Lord. To hear from Him directly. How do I know? Everywhere I turn there are dream sites and meetings. I have taught on prophecy and dreams for years.

But there are two observations I have. One is the person who is always looking for an answer from someone. (I personally believe you hear better for you than I do for you!) They are wanting to have someone else do it. I think it interesting that we think enough of a dream or a word to believe it from God but we do not trust that we have the ability to employ discernment or understanding. Wisdom AND revelation ought to walk together Continue reading Wanting To Hear From The Lord

Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Stolen

leejohndrowteamToo often we see ourselves changed by situations and circumstances. It is somewhat like being in a car traveling and a large gust of wind comes up, causing a change, even minor, in direction. Or you are traveling in icy weather and the car slides in a direction you had not expected. Oops! What I thought I was doing has changed. Sometimes dramatically. Sometimes it seems like there is no other way to get back to the place you were. Continue reading Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Stolen

Remembering The Good Old Days-Overtaken!

preachingatvillageLast night was a dream night. It was kind of like going to a bunch of different amusement parks. First an island adventure, then to the Middle East and then somewhere in Southeast Asia. Funny, I do not go to bed with those places on my mind for the most part. Occasionally before falling asleep I will pray for a place, but usually I am “programming” for answers, for encounters. So, going places and seeing people is not something I “look” for. Continue reading Remembering The Good Old Days-Overtaken!

Live For 1,000 Years?

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

I woke up this morning and thought, “I will use the beginnings of what I sketched out for today” but for some reason the task of that thought process is daunting. I looked at it and felt my “energy” level too low to accomplish. Not sure why. Did not stay up very late. My dreams were “rough” but not abnormal. My dreams are still in “ponder” mode.

I thought maybe I would table the thoughts of the last week or so where I have posed some questions I felt needed to be asked of myself as well as perhaps by others, but reading a friend’s post brought a topic near and dear to my heart. So, I will jump off her thoughts. Continue reading Live For 1,000 Years?

Is It A Cat? A Dog? What Is It?

Pop and Gunter holding me
Pop and Gunter holding me

When I was child my greatest artwork hung at my grandparents and my parents. As life went on new artwork appeared and old art was taken down. The refrigerator door recorded the life of the family. (Which is good because when I was a kid they had some ugly colors. Avocado, burnt orange, chocolate and copper tone!)

And of course like many children, I was asked of the drawing “Is it a cat? A dog?” I am sure like many children I probably shook my head and said “guess again” as they “did not get it.”. As I grew older I probably scrawled what it was on the page. Cat, dog, tree… But at some point my drawing bettered and the questions became fewer. Soon that artwork was replaced with pictures of family outings and sports or perhaps short stories. Continue reading Is It A Cat? A Dog? What Is It?

Carpe Diem Seize The Day For It Is Yours

cansThe Blue Lincoln

A lot of times our dreams are considered messages from God.  And I believe you can have dreams that are triggered by food or chemical situations in your body as well as dreams that are you or from demonic realms.

Last night thought I had a dream that convinced me further of how real dreams are and what they can do. Continue reading Carpe Diem Seize The Day For It Is Yours

Deception And You It Is Time To Overcome!

A Snippet Of Truth
A Snippet Of Truth

Too often we move predicated upon our senses and not the leading or the unction of the Holy One dwelling inside.

Simple traps can include:

Dreams Or Disaster?




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Just a thought?
Just a thought?

This morning I was thinking about the dreams of “ungodly” men and women. As I began to think about the dreams, I was drawn to the idea that many times in the scriptures men and women who were not “walking” with God received a dream from the Lord. That changed them. Shaped them.

Genesis 20 tells us the story of Abraham and Sarah. Abraham lied to Abimelech about who Sarah was. Telling him it was his sister and not his wife. Abimelech moved Sarah in with him. That night the Lord invades Abimelech’s dreams with a dream about the lie told to him. Continue reading Dreams Or Disaster?

What Are Your Dreams? A Piece Of Heaven

trumpetYesterday I had a meeting and the topic that came out of it was a “dream center.” The day before someone said “your life is predicated on dreams. You ought to consider a dream center.” So what about dreams?

While working on the manual for prophetic workshops I find I devote a lot prophecy changing a life.

A number of years ago I was invited to a meeting. I was asked to minister to youth. Imagine my surprise to arrive and find out they were “heavy metal” followers not with Jesus. I found that out after the meeting but I was pretty sure! An outreach. The owners of the club asked me to step right on up in the midst of their play “because they will never stop playing if you don’t.” There were over 80 of these young people. Whatever message I had planned went right out the window because I was not aware of what I was “walking into.” So I stepped up and they respectfully stopped. As I went to “minister” I broke open my life before Jesus. And then the powerful spirit of prophecy was released. Continue reading What Are Your Dreams? A Piece Of Heaven