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Establishing Heaven On Earth


leejohndrowteamPeople often ask me or other leaders “what is it can do to make my life better?” Only yesterday a conversation with a new believer was about foundation. Where does one put their energy, their study, their thinking. Continue reading Establishing Heaven On Earth

Stop Broadcasting Their Sin…

2014-05-16 18.40.52The other day I wrote about the word turnaround and how I saw a top to bottom overturn in so many areas. I saw things changing governmentally, economically. Many had this “first” response. “It’s easy to say what you can not see. Anybody can do that.” I believe everyone can do that, but I do not believe everyone wants to or thinks it right to do so. I am not looking to be justified in the accuracy of a word in the next 10 minutes or 10 days. Continue reading Stop Broadcasting Their Sin…

Family Is Best!

In the arms of my father(I have the great sweater!)
In the arms of my father(I have the great sweater!)

On my Facebook I have an ongoing message with my wife and children, called “Family Is Best!” (It is here we share with one another daily things, prayer requests, great things and little things.) There is no doubt in my mind in the truth of that statement. I have weathered enough storms and circumstances in 58 years to know.

I am the child of divorced parents and divorced twice myself, but I still have no thought in my mind that anything is better than family. Family is God given, God designed. Continue reading Family Is Best!

Halloween and Believers

Christian-Cross-Carved-Pumpkin(Because many have asked my take on Halloween, let me share my recent thoughts. My old thoughts are all over the internet!)

So many know my background prior to becoming a believer and how I got here. In a nutshell I went from being one who religion did not really mean much to, to one day being confronted by God. Continue reading Halloween and Believers