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A Hiatus Does Not Mean An End

So the Duck Dynasty stuff continues and changes are being considered. The world is still turning on its axis.

But what about me? You?

No-StressI said what I had to say about the hiatus imposed on Phil Robertson. But what about the hiatus you or I may have gone through? You know the one where we were headed down the road of success and change came? A divorce or financial circumstances came? (I am in the process of completing a book on Interrupted Process.)

Last night I had a vivid dream that took me through places like North Haven Connecticut and back up into Vermont. Much of it seemed “out of place” until the end.

What I saw happening in the dream is people were trying to recapture or reclaim a friendlier time in their lives. One that brought them comfort and joy. People were shopping at area stores, talking to people in the parking lots, putting bags of presents and food in their vehicles. Continue reading A Hiatus Does Not Mean An End

Y2K A Dim Reminder

Many who read this may not remember Y2K or its meaning. A few days ago I was reminded again of the power of media and fear mongering. Reading the “woes” of A&E and Duck Dynasty simply reminded me of two things. How great our God is and how “bent” some of our society is, specifically the media. (Let’s not grow our kids away from the media, but let’s put men and women of integrity in them!)

fearI remember vividly the Y2K impact. Y2K was The Year 2000 problem (also known as the Y2K problem, the Millennium bug, the Y2K bug, or simply Y2K) was a problem for both digital (computer-related) and non-digital documentation and data storage situations which resulted from the practice of abbreviating a four-digit year to two digits. Continue reading Y2K A Dim Reminder

Duck Dynasty and A & E

prddI read with great interest the debate that blossomed yesterday over the statements Phil Robertson made and A & E pulling him off from the show.

I like him and the show. I may not agree with things that he says from time to time, but that is his right and my right. And any conversation I might have would probably not be seen flashed across the pages of Facebook and Twitter. (I wrote my letter to A& E.)

One of the best comments posted was by his granddaughter, Sadie. “Prayer is the best conversation of the day. It’s better to go to God before taking it to someone else.” Continue reading Duck Dynasty and A & E

The Gift Of Gifts -Seeing Where He wants You

I am not sure what others pray for, dream about or even think about. I know just praying opens doors for me in people’s lives, shows me things about them that I never thought about and absolutely wow’s me.

Last night I had a number of dreams and I will share part of one that opened my eyes to the goodness of God in a further way in a moment.

First things first! God wants to pour His extravagance out on you today. Open your hands! Open your mouths! He has good things for you. In the dream where I was He let us give a million pounds of food to one person! God is everywhere, but He has seasons of moving us! Watch. It is confirmed by others what He is doing.

THINK ABOUT THAT! A MILLION POUNDS OF FOOD! TO ONE PERSON! Continue reading The Gift Of Gifts -Seeing Where He wants You

April 26th 2013

2013-07-31 12.17.20A king does not have a kingdom to hunker down in…”In the spring, at the time when kings go off to war,”…He is building kingdom. Converting people to his beliefs, his leadership…

I watch all the warnings about all that “is going to happen.” Many of my friends say “see, I told you so!” Folks, our “told you so” attitude about the news and the events continue to entangle people. I get discouraged by the amount of posts of “it’s all over but the shouting” line of thinking. I said this morning that you know it is getting better when Duck Dynasty outranks American Idol. I meant it. Continue reading April 26th 2013