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A Revival Of Innocence

MarcelI woke at about 5 and as I lay there I thought but for a moment on what I had lost over the years. Not just me, but many. Perhaps it is just nostalgia. Maybe something that “can not be” but it triggered something in me.

Last night I attended a Vacation Bible School at our local fellowship. It is one of the best times of the year for me. Why? Because in so many areas it “reminds” me of what I grew up with. Now, I did not grow up in a church or ever attend a VBS (Nor do I think I was ever invited to one.) or anything related to the concept. But what it reminded me of was, a more “innocent”time if you will. Continue reading A Revival Of Innocence

The Woman Who Wanted – Constraining The Prophet

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

Yesterday I wrote of the widow Elisha went to, her two sons and the story of the vessels being filled. This is the story of the woman (2 Kings 4:8) who wanted and went to Elisha. This woman was well of, married. She lived in Shunem, a place meaning “uneven.” Previous mentions in scripture indicate this was under the allotment given to the tribe of Issachar. It is also the site of the gathering of the Philistine army against Saul, where he was so frightened he turned to the witch of Endor. It was a farming community through which Elisha passed often. There is a divine “yes” here as the Lord shows you the “have” and the “have not”, the barren and the fruitful, one gave-one received, the married and the widow.

Why is this background important one might ask. The Bible is laden with hidden truths, layers of revelations. Think about it. Not a woman of need, but barren, having no children. Come on! If this was not a set up for God, in a place of unevenness, I do not know what is.  A place where the “sons of Issachar” A place where the “sons of Issachar” (Their name means “there is recompense.” Wow!) had been given their reward. The same tribe that God said “And of the sons of Issachar, men who understood the times, with knowledge of what Israel should do, their chiefs were two hundred; and all their kinsmen were at their command.” 1 Chronicles 12:32 (By the way did you see that “all their kinsmen” statement? Huge!) A place that fear had struck. Continue reading The Woman Who Wanted – Constraining The Prophet

Empty Chairs – An Opportunity For Blessing

empty chairsThis morning I woke, coming out to the living room and sat here for a moment. A quick rehash of what might be accomplished today was on my radar screen.   And then I looked at the floor. Four very empty children’s chairs. A part of me sees the prophetic in the picture. That if you “build” it they will come. The chairs had been moved from our destroyed home in Springfield. My wife and I had cleaned them up and put them on the floor. The first thing my grandchildren did upon arriving last night was go to sit in them excitedly.

There is something about the preparation for a child or children that excites me. These four empty chairs and a table suggested my love for them, hospitality towards them. I never look at those chairs or the pictures of my children without thinking of my love for them. Without uttering a prayer. (There is a large piece here for people. Do children feel welcome?)

Emptiness is a target for the love of the Lord. Do you feel empty? God can fill you up. Continue reading Empty Chairs – An Opportunity For Blessing

Going Through The Mill – Flour In The Making

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

Are you going through the mill? (Do you feel flatter than a pancake?)

Last night as we gathered to pray for needs, encouragement, people far and near, I saw and began to describe the “victory” party I saw. In my spirit I felt this was a time of celebration. (A while later my wife saw three images; a stack of rings, confetti and a butterfly net, and what struck me was that she saw confetti falling out of the sky and a “butterfly” net to capture it.) If there is victory in heaven then there is victory in our lives, and just as the celebration of God and His goodness is in heavenly places, so ought we to consider the same in the earth. CELEBRATION!

So many are going through the mill that I have been drawn to pray for lately, seeking an answer.  Why is my question. Where is the victory? And last night as I was praying, I began to see the following. (I was praying I think for one, but felt over the night it was more widespread as I received revelation.) Continue reading Going Through The Mill – Flour In The Making

Heavenly Alignment – Where Are You?

bird nestThe last few months I have given great thought to “heavenly alignment.” What is it? What are the benefits? What are the results for being “there?”

The first thought that needs to be dealt with, is, where is God? “Omnipotence” is fairly easy to deal with. Revelations 19:6 says He is “Almighty.” “Omnipresence” slightly more. (We will deal with “omniscience” at a later date!) Where is God? One answer is, He is in heaven. Another answer is “He is inside me.” Is He there or here? The answer is both! And when we have accepted His payment on the cross, the knowledge that He will never leave me or forsake me is easy to understand. Continue reading Heavenly Alignment – Where Are You?