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Have I Not Believed

changeLike many, my wife and I have entered a different season. It is on many levels one where you question things. New seasons often trigger challenges, thoughts and reveal patterns of thought or new thinking entirely.

One of the questions I have asked my self is “have I not believed.” One topic is employment. In 20 years neither of us has really gone more than a week without something happening in the employment field. Believing for work has never been “hard” but seemed to cause challenges to fall to the wayside. Continue reading Have I Not Believed

Changing Your World

In a dream, I found myself on an island helping a friend move off the island. There were all sorts of delays and finally all his belongings were put into a container and readied to leave. And then my job was to get to the airport and get on a plane to return to the US.

The decision was made to wait a few days rather than be pressured in the leaving.

I awoke with a sense of dissatisfaction because I had not left and felt as if something had not been completed. Continue reading Changing Your World