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Bringing Family To The Forefront


brightI can reminisce about the days of my youth. Not even how much more agile or able to do more things I was, but the time and the season in my life where life was dear. Where the pace of life was different unless you chose to speed it up. Would I not want children to spend less time in front of a TV screen or imagine life without a cell phone in favor of being outside? Now understand, I value technology, but I do not value our response to it. Anymore than I appreciate one sided reporting or the drama of a storm. I can bemoan the fact that people are too knowledgeable yet lacking in common sense. That we have chosen safety over reality in so many cases. That we have allowed ourselves to be regulated into a corner. Or be concerned that simple education has become so simple that it seems like everyone must pass or else. Continue reading Bringing Family To The Forefront

Where Is Your Family?

2014-05-16 18.40.52A thought for my friends about the finished work, revival, and such.

Over the last few months I have had a number of people talk to me about family. I have thought long and hard about it. So many are bemoaning the “loss” of their family while in pursuit of the Lord. Here is one of the statements one made to me. “ I have also been dwelling on what good does it do if I get it but no one else in the family does.” That is it! Where would God be without His family? Why sacrifice for the “whole world” if He was going to keep it to one? Continue reading Where Is Your Family?

Grace Keeps You Off The Guardrails

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

The other day, my friend Lynn Hiles was here to speak in our church. Our conversation turned to West Virginia and the upcoming conference. He and I had a short conversation about something that happened while I was in West Virgina last September. While I was down there the Lord spoke something very powerful to my heart.

It was not a word that was spoken or part of a message. Here is what I heard and saw.

I was watching a road. On this road was a car. While they were driving, they were starting to slowly swerve side to side. There was guardrails like any country road. As I watched it started to hit the guardrails. First slowly and then a little faster. After being tossed about, finally the car came to a stop. There were dents and scratches all around the car as the result of the actions of the vehicle. I looked at the vehicle and that was when I heard the sound of the Lord’s voice. Continue reading Grace Keeps You Off The Guardrails