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It Is Time To Do Mighty Exploits!

veldt1252014 Dream

The death squads moved quickly across the veldt. Quietly, other than their shadows no one would have known they were there. They children were huddled up in the corner of the room. Fear was visible on their faces. And then a great light shown in the room.

At first I thought it was a flashlight from one of the men outside, but quickly the light enveloped the room and seemed to dissolve.

The next scene was at a table. The children were laying quietly on the rug in the corner of the room. Looking out the window, I realized we were about 5 kilometers from where we had been just seconds ago. Continue reading It Is Time To Do Mighty Exploits!

Words Of Destiny September 11th 2013

podcast_logo1-e1377265165667As I gazed into the “looking glass” I saw two people this morning. One was an older man who was frustrated as his paradigm shifted. A paradigm shift is when you know you can not go back to the way you once thought.

The other a young lady who wanted to dance. Liberty is here!

New Testament prophecy ought to bring hope, encouragement and build you up.

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