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Establishing Heaven On Earth

leejohndrowteamPeople often ask me or other leaders “what is it can do to make my life better?” Only yesterday a conversation with a new believer was about foundation. Where does one put their energy, their study, their thinking. Continue reading Establishing Heaven On Earth

Mixing Their Faith With The Promise

leejohndrowteamIt “seems” like “it” is in the air. The disconnects, the changes, even the heart breaks. Last night my prayer list grew, my phone rang and I thought, I am “taking it in stride”, meaning the flow of things. Apparently taking it in stride was not best approach. I spent a lot of the night “up” and away. While I was “up” I was praying. While I was away I was seeing, as dreams took me all over the place. Yes, it was a pretty sleepless night. But it reminded me that to pray was the “word” of the day, night and all in between. Continue reading Mixing Their Faith With The Promise