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Created For This Moment


fear1In a dream last night, my bank account was shut down. As the bank attendant went to explain to me, it was the result of my blog. She asked me if I had a license for it. “A license? Free speech is free.” She explained that the “lock” on my account was over the issue of a company’s attempt to stop it. I looked at the information. “USA Express”. The note simply said “blog”. Continue reading Created For This Moment

I Am Your Favorite

I think at one point everyone wants to be the favorite. In first grade because I did well with studies the teacher let me be the milk monitor for our class. Each day I would go down to a refrigerator and pull out a case of small milk cartons. The favor? I was allowed to receive 2 chocolate milks for my efforts each day. I was the favorite.

Many have tried to curry favor with another in an effort to receive goods, money, attention or something else. But what about working with God? Continue reading I Am Your Favorite

Giving Up On Life – Let Me Off!

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

Have you stopped moving ahead? Have you pulled the “vehicle” to the side to let the “faster, younger, informed” ones pull by? Have you given up because it is too hard, too far, too much or too high? Have you confessed your last confession, declared your last declaration and prayed your last prayer because of fear, hurt or pain are causing you to stop? You might be in better company than you think.

I have noticed a lot of people who have said “I cannot do this ANYMORE!” Children, grandchildren, parents, jobs, friends have just become too much. “I want off this train. Out of this world. Stop the bus!” Many have read the book (The Bible) saw the last chapter and said “we win.” And then thrown it out into the future for “when they get home.” But what about now? Today? It says “we win” today…tomorrow and the next day. How? We change the earth. We cause it to look like heaven. Continue reading Giving Up On Life – Let Me Off!

Steak Tartare And Finance – Reaching The Lost

steaktartareI have lots of dreams. Sometimes 5 or 6 a night. I said a few years ago, I am often not sure of what is dream and what is real or what is “my reality.”

Last night in a dream, I found myself in a crime family’s secret lairs. I found myself accepted as one of them because the person they thought I was had disappeared. I had been brought in because they “thought” I was one of them. One of their “architects” of finance and direction. Ironically, there was nothing illegal, but change had come. A high level meeting that caused some “hurt feelings.” I was escorted from that room. Later on I was in a back room and they came out and said “you have not left?” What I realized was they had elevated me to a very high position. The reason I was in danger was because I had been “promoted” over many others. I could not leave now they said. I had to be protected. As they made me all kinds of unusual and weird food, I found myself living a life that A) I was unaccustomed to and B) the tinge of danger was there. Would I be caught? What was I to do? I knew who I was and what God wanted for me. As I ate the final meal before being removed to a remote castle, a safe place, I awoke. Continue reading Steak Tartare And Finance – Reaching The Lost