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You Want Me To What?

leejohndrowteamI have been around the Kingdom long enough to know that you and I will always have the opportunity to trust or not to trust. To believe or not to believe.

So what is trust?

The simplest definition of “trust” from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is this, “firm belief in the character, strength, or truth of someone or something”. Living in a world where so many do not use a dictionary (or know how to) it is easy to get wrapped up in multiple meanings of words based on opinion. (”I don’t think it means that.” “Semantics.”) It is important first and foremost to know what is being said or defined to make sure communication is open and clear. Continue reading You Want Me To What?

Awakening The People Of His Goodness

2014-08-09 13.57.03Yesterday while having a conversation the words, sleeper cell, came up. We started to talked about the wave of terrorism and what had happened in Paris. That discussion included a piece about sleeper cells, how they were communicated and what their purpose is. Continue reading Awakening The People Of His Goodness

Begin To Change The World

preachingatvillageAs I walked through the building, I saw the buttons. 3 out of 4 were still in safety mode, but a fourth was moved to attack mode. I was not sure what to do. I had heard that moving one of these switches after “the fact” could causes the switch to speed up its requirements moving whatever it was connected to into crisis mode. Add to the fact that clearly I would be in trouble for it, I was very concerned. This was more than a small problem. Clearly the endangerment of many was at hand AND I would be in serious trouble. Continue reading Begin To Change The World

Can Halloween Hurt?

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

Today many will pay homage to the “god” of disappointment and discouragement. Yes, I am talking about today, the day of Halloween.

So, what do I mean by that? I mean that many will celebrate Halloween and give themselves over to demonic workings. BUT, I know that you can do that any day. It does not have to be Halloween. You can find something to change your life for the worse and it does not have to be a child in a Garfield costume. Continue reading Can Halloween Hurt?

This License Set You Free

leejohndrowteamI found myself having another technology dream last night. (For those who want to hear from God, we often hear where we are at as opposed to where we could be…) In the dream I was dealing with a client over his “Microsoft Licensing”. Now in the real world of tech, this is perhaps one of the greatest “jungles” I encounter on a daily basis. Make a mistake in business and it can cost you $5,000 per incident, plus possible jail. And it is “convoluted” on a certain level with lots of rules. But that aside, in my dream the client was facing a software audit. (Like an IRS audit, it determines compliance and such.) My client was concerned. Continue reading This License Set You Free

A Springboard To Faith

heargod2This has been a week where faith has become the big topic. (Well, that and don’t let fear rock your boat.)For me one of my widest read articles this month was my article on faith. Faith is somewhat the “holy grail” of the church. People talk about it like it is mystery. And yet, at it’s core it is simply believing that which you see to be truth. Continue reading A Springboard To Faith

Stop, Drop And Roll – It Time To Overcome The Fire Of Fear!

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

A few nights ago, I was questioning my “existence”. I was not discouraged or depressed, but I definitely felt like there was a rabbit hole of sorts about me. My wife was away and God and I were having a pow wow about my life. Perhaps I had pulled out my checklist at some point. “This is good. This…not so much. This I do well. This is I stink at. Etc…” “Why am I here?” My “WISE” had turned to “WHYS”. Not necessarily the “bestest” of places to be. But I had to work through it. Continue reading Stop, Drop And Roll – It Time To Overcome The Fire Of Fear!

Being A Vessel Of Light

leejohndrowteamISIS, Ebola, EV-D68, ABC123…Okay, the last one is not a real one…yet…

I am jumping out into the deep end this morning. I want to talk about fear mongering. Most of us know what fear is. We have experienced it. Perhaps it was a frightening situation in a vehicle, the sickness of a family member, or well, something like Halloween. Ask me about those and I am more than willing to share my experience! But, what has come to me recently is the amount of people who are living in fear. Continue reading Being A Vessel Of Light

Trading Your Peace? Consider The Consequences.

In my dream, I had walked out the door. There was a little child who chasing a large winged creature. He was so happy. (The child…not the creature!) I walked back in the building with this sense of trepidation. I met with the editor of the paper. He spoke to me about me “making money” writing and left the room. I looked at the ledger board and I knew what I was making. I also knew what another was making. I felt this sense of competition rise up. Instantly, I judged my feeling. I refused to let myself be cajoled or dragged into someone else’s urgent place or even their thought process. Continue reading Trading Your Peace? Consider The Consequences.