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The Tension Of Community

preachingatvillageThe pressure of community exists. It causes us to be better or worse. To step out side or to move inside. Whether we talk about the church community or we discuss the actual community we might live in there is a pressure of sorts.

Yesterday I read as a young black rapper opened up on the community of Ferguson. He came down on the side of “what are you doing, what are you thinking”. He chided them for not “policing” their own. With regard to the living condition he said “who is going to take care of if you don’t? If you urinate in the hallway how is that someone else’s fault?” Both rappers Pharrell and BoB were denigrated by their own for their comments and encouragement to take responsibility for their communities. Continue reading The Tension Of Community

The Lost, The Lonely, The Loveless

alyssacamera 004In the dream my wife and I were asked to minister in a town in Connecticut. We drove down there and had arranged for some of our team to join us later. Before the church gathering we were to meet the minister at a school in the area. We arrived and pulled up to the school. Like any school, there was a number of students crossing from one section to another. Some going to their cars. We pulled open the front door and went to the office to sign in. We were escorted to the gymnasium. Continue reading The Lost, The Lonely, The Loveless

Stop, Look And Listen… It’s Coming!

donttalkWisdom and revelation

I sat here this morning and read the news. Ferguson, Cosby and Gruber. At first, I thought what is in a name. (A whole path in itself.) But because I had been up early thinking about a particular topic I thought I had a glimmer of where I might head. Reading the news just convinced me “why let facts get in the way”. A former publisher, I had witnessed one too many “why let truth get in the way of a good story”. Continue reading Stop, Look And Listen… It’s Coming!

Walking Into The Darkness

2014-10-18 09.54.07I awoke to a city that had been under siege. Well into the night, SWAT, National Guard and Emergency risked their lives and injury to prevent rioting from a group that have no true understanding of life. As the city made national news and tweets and Facebook posts flooded the cyberscape, my heart grew heavy. (The last time I encountered this was during the flooding of Irene in 2011.) My heart was challenged. Continue reading Walking Into The Darkness