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Flag Day

lee1In recent days I have had numerous conversations with folks about business, community and our country and what they think they can do to “change” things. While many are the ideas that are “floated” about, it is clear that a “back to basics” approach is being sought. Last weekend’s Memorial Day parades and festivals brought out even more desire in community members to see more community events.

I am the son of generations of military men. They were proud people who wore the uniforms and respected the flag and what it stood for. A few years ago, I met with an area business man. He shared how he was “tough” about a lot of things, but when a five year old asked him to sing the Star Spangled Banner and that she would “do a good job” he said it was an emotional moment. Recently some of the largest viewed videos on the internet are young children singing the National Anthem. (I watch with an eye at the idiocy and bigotry surrounding the recent singing by Sebastien De La Cruz.) Continue reading Flag Day

Vision Of Rain and Dreams of Threes

Last night I was sitting here, staring off into “space” waiting for my wife to complete a few things so we could hang out.

VISION October 8th 2013

I saw “moisture” in the air like thick fog but thicker. Many things formed before me, but I came away with this.

It is interesting that God calls the “dry land”, earth in the book of Genesis, only to soon form man from that earth and breathe life into him, causing him to be a living soul. Man has “moisture” entered into him and life begins. He begins to breath. God the one who has a voice like “many waters” by His breath (even in Job-“Hast thou entered the treasuries of the snow, Or hast thou seen the treasures of the hail,”) life is formed. Christ talks in Luke of the soil that has no moisture and the inability of the seed to grow. Also we find in Ezekiel that Ezekiel is asked to speak life over bones. The skin forms a containment of the moisture.

(See water below!)

I saw last night that there is a rain coming like we have never seen before. (Immediately you thought a hard rain-but I say no.) It is a rain with drops like gold. The enemy of the Lord is about to be turned over by His people. For the rain falls upon the just and the unjust.

There is a rain coming. As CCR asked in a song…
“I want to know, have you ever seen the rain
I want to know, have you ever seen the rain
Comin down on a sunny day ”

We have not seen this rain.

That was it for last night.

Dreams & Awakenings from October 9th very early.

I call it Threes-
At 3AM I was awakened, thinking about the baby dedication I have been asked to do this weekend. Back to sleep. 2 more times I was awakened. Each time thinking about from a dream or something what was to happen on Sunday the 13th. The third awakening brought me into an atmosphere where gold drops of rain fell on people and healing and deliverance were rendered. At one point I saw flags or banners being waved over people (Song of Solomon 2:4) and much healing came. They looked like flames of fire. (Acts 2:3)

I sensed something wonderful, something sovereign to happen this weekend. I know we have a guest speaking. I know we have a baby dedication. I know what I know, but I perceived what is to happen is what I “don’t” know. I “saw” healings and deliverance. I saw flags and banners, angels and rain. But I sense something else. Continue reading Vision Of Rain and Dreams of Threes