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If You’re Going To…

leejohndrowteamAs I went to write on something else, the words “are you going to San Francisco” rang in my head. And then I heard the lyrics, “If you’re going to San Francisco, Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair, If you’re going to San Francisco, You’re gonna meet some gentle people there.” The Mamas and The Papas sang that song in May of 1967. Continue reading If You’re Going To…

April Showers Bring May Flowers-Change Is In The Air

Ready for God to express Himself.
Ready for God to express Himself.

Last night I had the opportunity of being with some close friends. We talked about supernatural and spiritual things. I was sharing some of the things that many might think “crazy” but only in the church do we spend time “cataloging” sins, experiences, etc.. So many are more concerned with the deception they might encounter that they miss out on the experiences God might produce. I know God. I am not “worried” about being deceived. Mark 13:22 For false Christs and false prophets shall rise, and shall shew signs and wonders, to seduce, if it were possible, even the elect. If it were possible!

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The Sounds Of Abundance!

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

I walked over to the garden. I stared at the flowers. The vegetables. It was amazing! And the vision disappeared.

So lush, so fruitful, so abundant!

As a child, a neighbor was looking for a young person to help on his small farm-ette. I soon became his right hand man, helping him a couple of times a day for a quarter each time. I would go down in the morning and feed the chickens and geese, gather their eggs and check for critters! Once a week I would shovel chicken manure out into a pile for summer growing. I would have to shoosh the geese out because if they got excited in the small coop it could be dangerous. Continue reading The Sounds Of Abundance!

Process, Well, It Takes Moment

understanding1Do you know how long it takes for a one and a half year old to pick up 35 pieces of puzzle one at a time? I do! A very l-o-n-g time!

My son asked me if I would watch my granddaughter Naomi, while they went to do some errands. After she got done playing with various toys that included putting a scarf over my head and saying “hide Poppa!” laughing as it fell to the floor, she wanted to do a Barney puzzle. (Puzzles I like-Barney not so much.) She ended up much more interested in the “taking the puzzle apart” part than in putting it together. Continue reading Process, Well, It Takes Moment