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Coming Soon – A Family Vacation!


indian lake 1In a few short weeks my family and I will go away to the Adirondacks. Our first Johndrow vacation. Children and their children. On a lake with a boat and a beach.

So often in the world of Christianity, we have forgot the nature of having fun, times of respite and the over riding desire of family to be together. Continue reading Coming Soon – A Family Vacation!

The Kingdom Is More Than What We Eat Or Drink

amandaIs there anyone else who is just tired of all of the articles and documentaries and news reports of GMO food, organic versus non-organic, carbs versus proteins,to vaccinate or not vaccinate, etc.? For years I have studied these topics and researched them. I have watched every documentary possible and have made life changes choices after viewing. I have been disgusted with the way animals have been treated and raised and harmed. I have read reports on the China study, which is research that proves dairy and meat are harmful to our bodies and causes cancer,and leaky gut, and a list of other sicknesses. And then I’ve read articles on why grains and carbs are mutated and cause us to get celiac disease and get fat. I mean gosh for every article out there that says one negative thing about something there’s another that proves that it’s positive for you. Talk about confusing. Talk about stressful. And talk about living in fear. Continue reading The Kingdom Is More Than What We Eat Or Drink

Merry Christmas To You!

2013-12-20 17.14.38Today as the gifts are opened and the food is eaten, there is still plenty of magic to go around.

Last night I attended our annual Christmas service and I watched the people come in, I thought what a wonderful time of the year. As I saw the people coming in, I saw the hugs and I saw the laughter. I also saw tears and bewilderment on some. “Why am I here?” “How long does this last?” I wandered around getting to as many as I had a chance, but at some point it gets too much because there are too many. It was beautiful. Continue reading Merry Christmas To You!

Spit Out The Bones

BARROCK1I do not know about you, but as one who has eaten just about everything under the sun (Though my friends will tell you I am not the sweet potato fan.) running into bones is often the least of your worries. But working through foods, eating the meat and spitting out bones is challenging to say the least. I remember one time a meal was prepared for us. The Indian family had taken their last chicken and chopped it up from stem to stern. Everything. You name it, it was in there. (One of my friends crunched down on what he thought was bone, but felt like glass. Welcome to cooked eyeballs.) Harder yet is the fact I come from an “eat it all” (Or no dessert!) generation. Honor does say I will eat sweet potatoes. Continue reading Spit Out The Bones

“Super Bowl Sunday” A Winning Season

The Flames Of Revival
The Flames Of Revival

This morning I was at our church fellowship about 4:30 getting the fire going in the stove, making sure the heat was right and spending some time in prayer.

One of my thoughts was in regard to the Super Bowl. I was thinking how many will be focused on the game. (Well except for the New England Patriot folks…)Tonight one of the largest TV watching times of the year will be upon us. The Super Bowl. Pitting the Denver Broncos against the Seattle Seahawks. And while that is being played think about some of these facts.

More than 100 million pounds of chicken wings will be consumed. Dominos says it will serve over 11 million pieces of pizza. 11.5 million pounds of potato chips along with over 8 million pounds of avocado for the guacamole. Over 50,000 hotdogs at the game itself. 4.3 million pounds of pretzels. Wow! People love to eat. Continue reading “Super Bowl Sunday” A Winning Season

A Fresh Word From The Ovens Of Heaven

breadWhat a dream!

The people were running. There was no food to eat. And yet, there was a knowing by many that something supernatural was about to happen. There was a tension in the air. The smell of victory was closing in. People were being encouraged to stand strong. (For some friends it could be a football game this weekend!)And then the answer began to be seen. As the people’s voices were raised the landscape changed, the postures straightened and joy rang out across the battlefields.

I am not sure about you but I am a sucker for the underdog. More than likely that is an American thing on some levels, but I am pretty sure it is a Jesus thing as well. It was at the cross that God equalized things for many. Continue reading A Fresh Word From The Ovens Of Heaven

The Christmas Past

JAcobsantaclausWell, the Christmas season is in full swing. And even if the use of the word Christmas is politically incorrect, I am still enjoying a lot of it. It is less than  a week until Christmas. As I have said in the past I would be lying if I was to tell you I am not excited. The idea of having all my children and grandchildren and maybe a friend or two over is so cool to me. This year we have “let up” on the presents except for the grandchildren to help out some other folks and that is just fine with me. I also broke the “Ann Lander’s rule on Christmas letters” to my clients and readers. So, far ALL the letters were thanking me for being a voice, not listening to Ann Landers and thinking about them. Besides no one would ever take me to be PC (politically correct) anyway.
As I write this I am listening to Christmas carols. The fire is going in “my mind” and the Christmas lights are going. The only thing missing tonight is the voices of the grandchildren. And maybe a hot chocolate with my wife.

Last night I visited some awesome lights!

I am thankful for those who have written me and said “I was going to skip the… tree, Christmas, etc., but you have inspired me.” YAY! Continue reading The Christmas Past

The Gift Of Gifts -Seeing Where He wants You

I am not sure what others pray for, dream about or even think about. I know just praying opens doors for me in people’s lives, shows me things about them that I never thought about and absolutely wow’s me.

Last night I had a number of dreams and I will share part of one that opened my eyes to the goodness of God in a further way in a moment.

First things first! God wants to pour His extravagance out on you today. Open your hands! Open your mouths! He has good things for you. In the dream where I was He let us give a million pounds of food to one person! God is everywhere, but He has seasons of moving us! Watch. It is confirmed by others what He is doing.

THINK ABOUT THAT! A MILLION POUNDS OF FOOD! TO ONE PERSON! Continue reading The Gift Of Gifts -Seeing Where He wants You