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Outside The Lines

Over the years I have given careful consideration and observation to “living outside the lines”.

Imagine driving down the road and crossing over the line into oncoming traffic only to cause injury to one’s self.

Yet, too often we attempt to nudge the edge of our knowledge of God’s goodness, armed with the fact that “He loves me” and will never leave me nor forsake me. Continue reading Outside The Lines

I Wanna Be Free! Hmmm…

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

“I am independent. I am independent.” What does that even mean?

Everywhere I go, everywhere I turn, someone wants to confront me, discuss with me or blast me about independence. Whether it is school children, parents, business folks or politicians, it is there. Independence. Each day I read stories about the very fact of independence. Continue reading I Wanna Be Free! Hmmm…

Get Free Stay Free

leejohndrowteamI had a dream last night and in that dream men and women were being bought by traders and they were going to be used for the slave and sex trades while others were going to be used to tend to their fields, to their children, to all sorts of things.
In waking up I recognize very quickly that my dream had to do with the captivity of man. One of the things we often forget to think about are the benefits of God.

Continue reading Get Free Stay Free

Limited Or Limitless?

preachingatvillageLimited or Limitless-Does life have limits?

Like many nights I came out of a dream. The “problem” for me and dreams is that when I wake up I am not sure that I am “out” of the dream. So as I wandered down the steps to the living room, my thoughts were in a dream. I came down and did my normal “get ready” which includes pushing the button on coffee, turning on my computer and using the bathroom. Continue reading Limited Or Limitless?

A Moment Of Silence

leejohndrowteamAs we set upon the precipice of 2014 turning to 2015, there is clearly a lot to be thankful for. While looking ahead I heard a hush. I clearly heard a hush. Not the “hush of Whoville” but a silent deep breath. It was if the world was grabbing air for the very next move. In the process of enjoining silence, I “felt” the depth of the breath and the tension in the air. Like a hunter preparing to shoot, there was an exhale, followed by a pause. (Not everyone shoots like that, but I do for the most part.) Continue reading A Moment Of Silence

The 60’s Are Coming

leejohndrowteamToday we step into December. Last night I had a vision that rocked me on the way home. One of those times that leaves you sitting on the side of the road, wanting to get it all down. Tears, laughter and thoughts of “what happened”.

I was driving through a community I had lived in. I was reminded of some of the cool things I had experienced there. Memories of goodness.My heart wanted to hear “change, restoration” and all I was able to muster was “it was good”. I looked at the old and empty buildings and I thought “what can these offer?” I just thought of the emptiness and the times past. Continue reading The 60’s Are Coming

The Ring Of Freedom

liberty bell“Get out of this house” I screamed. Now I am not one who yells, but in this case my friend was dawdling. I had just entered this house and released him from his cell. I did not really know in the dream how I knew he was there, but I knew where he was when I arrived at the large home. I had walked in through a service entrance and I knew exactly where he would be found. When I found him he was pale and thin but overall looking okay. I opened the door and got him to the outside. I pointed to a small stand of trees in the distance and said, “run and do not look back!” As we ran it was slow at first, but as his legs got used to the motion we ran.Despite my thoughts that we could be attacked from behind or shot, I never looked back. That house was pure evil. It looked amazing on the outside and even on the inside it was nice, but the people who owned it often had people who came, never to leave. Continue reading The Ring Of Freedom

Overcomers Overcome

preachingatvillageYesterday I took on a new challenge. I went to the gym to lift weights and get back in shape. I am determined my life will be one of strength and vitality. Today, I am looking for the number of the truck that ran over me in the middle of the night! WOW! Brings new meaning to “pain=gain” or some such pithy saying.

Life is meant to be overcome. This is an overcoming moment in it. I will do this. My friend who helped me get started said this to me, “don’t let anyone laugh at you”. So now, I have to overcome weights and people. Anything else? Yep, after I did the weights I went to walk. And my left knee gave out nearly pulling me to the ground. (It had been brutalized in a couple of sports accidents over the years.) Continue reading Overcomers Overcome

Who Has Seen The Rain?

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

Who has seen the rain?

I had just finished a motorcycle ride with my wife and we had come in to eat dinner. While dinner was finishing up, I heard those words. Great, a John Fogerty song. Creedence Clearwater Revival. I am pretty sure when I was a kid I was not even sure what a revival was or stood for. I knew it as an architecture style and little more. The original name of that band came from a “band member”, Creed. A beer, Olympia, the clear water. And the member’s renewed commitment to the band. Continue reading Who Has Seen The Rain?