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Words, Words, Words


preachingatvillageOver the weekend I had two people share with me their contemplation over words they had received from me many years ago. I want to say I am encouraged when someone tells me they are standing on a word. Not necessarily my word, but any word they might have received. Why? Because I often think the world is a fickle place when it comes to words and the idea of “That was great! Can I have another?” Too often they would be better served getting a fortune cookie. So, as I said when someone tells me a word they are holding on I am impressed. Continue reading Words, Words, Words

My Value Is Found In His Love For Me

Prepared Not UnpreparedThis morning while in prayer I thought of my value. What is it that makes up my value? Or yours?

I had had a dream in the early hours of the night. In the dream the people were pouring a foundation for a home. They had dug out the hole, squared up everything and then were preparing for the pour. I came along and I said “where are your form boards?” The boards that are put in place with sides of plywood or special plastic panels. You would have thought I threatened their lives. They flipped out. Yelling and screaming at me they proceeded to tell me they knew what they were doing. For me, it was clear to see they did not. My effort to save them trouble and despair went unheeded. Continue reading My Value Is Found In His Love For Me

“This Is Your Assignment”

Prepared Not UnpreparedLots of people want to “do something” for God. I get it. But just to do something because you can does not necessarily bring benefit to you or to the kingdom.

When I was in school as a child, a certain Mrs. Clapp would speak to me about the value of assignments. At first she would hand out papers and say “this is your assignment”. People would moan as they dutifully passed the papers back down the row. Assignment. She would talk of the responsibility attached to the assignment. Continue reading “This Is Your Assignment”

God’s Purpose and You

clip-art-playing-chess-972436The last month or so many of us have been concerned about destiny, purpose and who is supposed to do what.

I have said previously, that it is God’s purpose and destiny that I make myself aware of. In the process I get what I need for my personal “destiny.” I do not focus on what I am going to do, but simply being a vessel that is yielded to Him that He might express His life through me. Waiting on Him is important. James 1:4 So don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let it do its work so you become mature and well-developed, not deficient in any way. Continue reading God’s Purpose and You