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Releasing The Creative Force

MarcelI sat there with the young boy. I was explaining the simplicity of genetics. What would happen if a mother had red hair and the father black hair for instance. We combed over this for a while. His eyes lit up as he saw the wonder of creation. How hair color, or facial looks can be passed on. (I remember this from 7th grade.)

We then moved on to history. Not just the history of history books but my history and that of family passed on to me. Continue reading Releasing The Creative Force

Revelation, Rest, Relax And Rule

2014-08-09 13.57.03Take A Child

When people ask me about my family, I am excited. (Probably because I realize God is excited about His family!)I am excited not just for the love and the affection shown, but especially the little ones. They are not hardened by life lived religiously or life from the world. There is an innocence. But, my favorite is my walks of discovery with them. Continue reading Revelation, Rest, Relax And Rule

Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Stolen

leejohndrowteamToo often we see ourselves changed by situations and circumstances. It is somewhat like being in a car traveling and a large gust of wind comes up, causing a change, even minor, in direction. Or you are traveling in icy weather and the car slides in a direction you had not expected. Oops! What I thought I was doing has changed. Sometimes dramatically. Sometimes it seems like there is no other way to get back to the place you were. Continue reading Don’t Let Your Dreams Be Stolen