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What’s In Your Wallet?

2015-09-05 12.52.11I am a child of God.

Many of you have sung that in recent days as the song No Longer Slaves has moved about the world.

(Songs often set the theology of the church. Be awaiting for my friend Jonathan Mancha to rock the world.) Continue reading What’s In Your Wallet?

Sharing The Wealth

leejohndrowteamLast week, I was with a friend of mine and we were talking about life and where we were at individually as well as corporately in our minds. What we were seeing and sensing.

One of the topics that came up was what do we do when we feel like we’re in a season of not doing anything. That place of “stagnancy”. Personally I have seen, that when we are not moving ahead and begin to develop those thoughts of “where is this headed”, we become bored, complacent and are apt to get in trouble. Continue reading Sharing The Wealth

I Can Because I Want To!

preachingatvillageAs I entered the large Christmas store, I was excited. I had my decorated bag in my hands. It had my stuff in there. Things I had brought. Nothing fancy or extravagant, but they were mine. They were things I carried. As I walked into the store I was ready for the beauty of Christmas. I opened the door and there were large empty shelves. It looked like there had been something there, but nothing to make me say “wow, I am here”. I was actually a little bit bummed I think. As I passed some of the shelves there were the helpers, the elves and I thought “this is weird. Where was the joy?” They looked down at the bag in my hand and while I thought they might ask to hold it, they did not. Continue reading I Can Because I Want To!

Who Are You Really?

underconstructioThe other day I was sitting here just looking at names on Facebook and I would receive a picture over various ones. I would take some thought and send someone a message about what I saw. I did this with people I did not know and had no “clue” about. It was my way of paying it forward a little.

The results were great and even a little fun. One person called me and said “who are you really?” Continue reading Who Are You Really?

Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

Christmas2007 011Yesterday was a very full day. I was getting so many things ready in preparation for the appearance of family and friends. Whether it was taking one of my grandsons for a haircut, heading to the store or just trying to think through the logistics of the days to come.

Today I will begin the food preparations, take my granddaughter Mariah out for a special time and do a thing or two with Jacob today. My plan is to be all said and done by 3 or so today. Then off to be with friends and family at our church Christmas Eve service  this evening. Continue reading Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag