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The Kingdom Is A Goldmine


leejohndrowteamThe old man (He was over 90.) walked through the door of my store. He was dragging 3 Blue Seal bags. (I could hear plastic hitting plastic.) He walked over to my back area.

“I told you I would show you some of my collection,” he said.

He began to show me the small boxes of gold nuggets and spun gold. Continue reading The Kingdom Is A Goldmine

Preparation Of The Fields

leejohndrowteamLast night as we prayed in our home fellowship, I saw 3 visions that I have decided to share this morning. They were oil bubbling up out of the ground. Veins of gold (Not nuggets) appearing. And the third was gemstones being recovered. I also saw meadows of blooming flowers. Prior to this I had seen a disk harrow upturning the ground. Continue reading Preparation Of The Fields

Find A Field And Put Gold In It

What if...
What if…

I find myself so easily enthralled with what is good. And so desperately engaged by “what is wrong”. What is good where I live is more what I seek than what is not. It is not about being an ostrich and sticking my head in the sand, but being caught up in the good that is there. Continue reading Find A Field And Put Gold In It

Trading Good For God

preachingatvillageAll that glitters is not gold or so the saying goes. Actually the words came from Shakespeare in The Merchant Of Venice, where it says “all that glisters is not gold”. The meaning is the not everything that is shiny is necessarily valuable.

As a child I would go to the local rivers and dig up “gold” or fool’s gold (Pyrite). Later, I had an amazing pyrite collection, along with some beautiful real gold nuggets. But the pyrite was worth little. And that is the point of the phrase. Lots of things can look like gold but it does not mean they have the same value as gold. Are they?  Hmmm…Probably not! Continue reading Trading Good For God

You Are Better Than That

leejohndrowteamWhat is it we need in our lives to cause us to grow in to all that He believes for us in us?

I have been giving this a lot of thought. We are better than we think. We are more loving, more powerful and more loved than we know. We are better than that!

I find that I am saying this to a lot of people lately. “You are better than that.” Not just because of a “bad choice” but some of the “settling for choices” as well. Continue reading You Are Better Than That

More Uncovered Ships!

leejohndrowteamMore hidden treasure appears.

The Santa Maria is thought to be uncovered off the coast of Haiti. Christopher Columbus’ largest ship of the three. (Spanish for The Holy Mary of the Immaculate Conception)

Revelation is the uncovering of that which is hidden. (Every time I read my Bible I find something new!)

“All the geographical, underwater topography and archaeological evidence strongly suggests that this wreck is Columbus’ famous flagship, the Santa Maria,” said the leader of a recent reconnaissance expedition to the site, one of America’s top underwater archaeological investigators, Barry Clifford. Continue reading More Uncovered Ships!

Uncovering Treasure Is A Sign

leejohndrowteamI am a serious history buff. My mom was a dynamic history and English teacher and all her love for history rubbed off on me. My mom did not just “teach”us history, she would “show” us history. She would load us in the family car and drive us to Boston, Philadelphia or Plymouth. She would take us to museums and historic sites. I “lived” history and to this day that is my approach.

My wife got got recently “hooked” on this TV series about treasure hunting in the ocean, turning up sunken ships and submarines and pulling treasure out of them. It is kind of ironic that today I found myself reading this headline. 1,000 Ounces Of Gold Recovered From 1857 Shipwreck. The second I saw the headline, things starting pinging on my “radar”. I knew there was something prophetic, something hidden. I began to do my research. When I saw the headlines, my mind began to to see the recovery of wealth that was coming. Continue reading Uncovering Treasure Is A Sign

Family-Not Always Easy But Always Worth It!

leejohndrowteamThe Family

Today is a pretty typical weekend in my life. Grandchildren laying around various floors on sleeping bags and bags of clothes and such piled high in corners. Before the weekend is over I will see other grandchildren, some of their friends and many of my children. The weekend with grandkids will include swimming, walking, games, some B&W TV and of course food! There will be the “normal” weekend things as well of getting to our church fellowship on time, where a whole ‘nother set of family is. Continue reading Family-Not Always Easy But Always Worth It!

Look Out For The Destiny Breakers

leejohndrowteamAs a prophetic voice, I find that I am often calling out the destiny, the calling and the purpose in people’s lives. I am looking for the gold in the middle of their life. So often that “gold” is buried under the dirt of not understanding the value of their life. “Why would God want me” is a question I often walk into. “How could God use me?”

Often the dirt that needs to be removed has to do with circumstances and people who have left them broken on the “trash pile” of life. Continue reading Look Out For The Destiny Breakers

Treasure Hunt For The Gold

leejohndrowteamThe treasure hunt began. It was near the center of Keene where I live. I watched people going out into the fields where once had stood buildings and homes. Their metal detectors pinging and beeping they quickly covered wide swaths of the area. Every so often one would stoop down and dig something up from the ground. Sometimes a soda can tab, sometimes a utensil but every so often I heard the yelps of joy as a piece of jewelry or coin appeared.

And the kids, they were gathering all types of rocks and minerals and pieces that they were finding. Buckets were fast becoming full. Continue reading Treasure Hunt For The Gold