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The End Of Legalism Is Found In Christ

dreamI had three short dreams last night. They all were along the same lines. The law.

In one of them I found myself in an office situation. The people I worked with were continually upset. Each time they would come through a particular door where the office files were they would end up in a conversation that would not only disconnect them from the work they were in process of doing, but agitation would rise up. Continue reading The End Of Legalism Is Found In Christ

Start Processing

This morning I felt like I was hearing stop educating, start processing. I look around and I see people who want to “know” more. Knowing more is not bad, unless it stagnates by lack of use. For years I have shared how the human mind processes facts. For instance if you were to go to a conference on healing, you might receive the “education” to heal through teaching. But in two weeks if you were to be asked if you “heal” your answer would be yes, even though you might not have laid hands on someone.

Now some of it could be relegated to how we communicate or language, but at the core of it is a process of the mind that thinks something is done, with out the experience. (In a good way we call this imagination.) Continue reading Start Processing