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Have You Thought Why?

cassA lot of people talk about process.

Why? Why is it mysterious for so many, educational for others and misunderstood by so many?

(I wrote this 3 years ago. I believe it still stands today. I actually wrote about process in my book, The Interrupted Process.)

Too frequently we do not understand the pattern or the process. People equate process with education. Education is simply a stone of the foundation. A key. The answer is found in the person of wisdom, Christ himself. Wisdom is critical to the finding of answers. More than knowledge, it is the wielding of the knowledge. We are told that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of the wisdom. The recognition of “He is God and I am not.” Continue reading Have You Thought Why?

T’is The Season To Be Stretched

leejohndrowteamThe last few days have been a challenge to say the least. In the business world life is determined by deadlines and performance, something often the antithesis of belief and following Christ. Despite my best shot at putting deadlines and “hurry up” on God He moves at his pace. Do I recognize the superiority of His knowledge and wisdom? Of course! Does that make it any easier? Not until you enter that place of peace, relax in His rest and grasp the goodness of God. Continue reading T’is The Season To Be Stretched

A City With No Walls…

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

Each morning, particularly those that I have to head off to work, I get up and write. It is my quiet time if you will. God is faithful to wake me up at 5:55 these days. No alarm clock is better than the presence of the Lord. (Non-work days I often find myself up even earlier knowing there is a day of unknown goodness and everything is ahead!) But my getting up and such, is a discipline. I know people do not “like” that word discipline, as they consider it a religious word. A word that “robs” the of them of the freedom they believe they were so much intended for. Continue reading A City With No Walls…

Growing Up Is The Way To Go

2014-05-03 13.25.11I often wonder what people are thinking. If a child was not gaining weight or growing, people would be concerned. They would begin to investigate the reason behind the lack of growth. Questions would be asked. Is it an organic reason? An environmental reason? Are the parents not contributing to the growth of their child? Something is not right…what is it? We would be concerned. Continue reading Growing Up Is The Way To Go

The Sounds Of Abundance!

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

I walked over to the garden. I stared at the flowers. The vegetables. It was amazing! And the vision disappeared.

So lush, so fruitful, so abundant!

As a child, a neighbor was looking for a young person to help on his small farm-ette. I soon became his right hand man, helping him a couple of times a day for a quarter each time. I would go down in the morning and feed the chickens and geese, gather their eggs and check for critters! Once a week I would shovel chicken manure out into a pile for summer growing. I would have to shoosh the geese out because if they got excited in the small coop it could be dangerous. Continue reading The Sounds Of Abundance!

“Growth Is Excessive” Because God Is!

leejohndrowteamI read that headline, “Growth Is Excessive” and thought, is it possible? The story was just as exciting…

In a dream I had it was very dark and yet over where the fence was I saw 4 lights like that you might see on a radar screen. “Lee, you have to go get them” I was told. I did not want to but I finally got up and ran down the darkened path to where these lights were. I got them and returned with them. My heart was pounding.

The lights had been carriers of darkness in the dream. They were targets to be removed. It was time to shut them out. And they were. Continue reading “Growth Is Excessive” Because God Is!

Prophetic Word for The Village Church 2014

2014prophecyThis morning while I was praying I felt the Lord quicken me about a word related to the Village fellowship my wife and I attend. Many want to know what “church” will look like in 2014.

This is what I believe The Village Church will see in the coming days. Continue reading Prophetic Word for The Village Church 2014

Growing Up Changes You

2013-08-22 10.50.57This morning I was sitting here as I often do, meditating on various things, enjoying the quiet when I was struck with the following thought. Despite my best efforts to remain immature in some areas, I have grown up.

Now you can read that and laugh, or view it with disdain but the reality is, I had no real say in it. Do I understand you can make choices? Of course I do! Do I get that you can work on things? Absolutely! But was I “looking” for it? No! Life through its various twists and turns, dead ends and highways “did” something to me. Continue reading Growing Up Changes You