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All Change Is Preceded By…


leejohndrowteamThere is a quote that says “all change is preceded by chaos.” Even if that is true, it is the man or woman who can take chaos and bring forth meaning and change of the God kind I am seeking.

God brought order out of darkness. Continue reading All Change Is Preceded By…

Insanity is… Until You See a Better Way

leejohndrowteamWhen I was a young man I did a lot of foolish things. I grew up in an era of fast cars and bikes and I pushed the limits everywhere I went. I caused myself and others a lot of pain. Racing, illegal stunts and more. (One of my dumbest was showing off to friends in the middle of a busy road. Pulling a wheelie in front of the restaurant where my friends were, I thought I “had it”. But I did not count on the car pulling out of the right hand road. I was forced to come down hard, and while I was able to be on the top of the bike, it was headed towards a moving tractor trailer that had pulled out of the “entrance” of a business. I was trapped and as I went under the trailer, I thought, “this could be it”. Moments later I was on the other side and my pride was relatively in tact as I yelled at the drivers. My handlebars were bent but I was able to drive home. Some years later I came to the conclusion that it was dumb and I was the wrongful party. ) I had accidents, court appearances and pain over my foolishness. Continue reading Insanity is… Until You See a Better Way