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The Price Is Right Hearing

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

The building had been reduced to $187,000 from $330,000 during negotiations. The question was, would we be prudent to continue to seek a better price (Possibly losing it.) or ought we consider this price? As we sat around the table and had the discussion, some of us were challenged with the bigger picture, was this what we needed to do? Yes, it expanded our hand print into the city. Yes, it was a good building in good shape. Yes, clearly the value was there for us. Continue reading The Price Is Right Hearing

Hearing God On Your Time

Lee Johndrow
Lee Johndrow

Hearing God

As I read about debacle the US is facing with the understaffed IRS and how they are being told “got a problem with taxes? We may not be able to help you” it is easy to become frustrated. What you find is people who either will not take the time to make the call (Perhaps losing compliance and possible refunds.) or those that will make the call, only to perhaps receive wrongful information. (Still others will opt not to file at all.)The hard part is I believe many desire to be compliant, desire to file appropriately and want to just have it done. Continue reading Hearing God On Your Time