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Fenced In By The Lord

leejohndrowteamContinuing on with the “garden series”. Thank you so much for the comments and thought process you have shared. To read others, simply click the “garden” category at the top.

As I drove home the other day, I drove by a beautiful little home with what clearly was going to a awesome garden. And it was fenced and had covering over it as well. The way it was designed the garden would not see larger animals like deer. On the lower part there was net that would appear to keep smaller animals out like rabbits and such. And certainly no birds would attempt to fly through the netting that hung over the trellises. Now, while I recognize this was going to be a beautiful garden who was going to get to see it? People would not be able to see through the netting and such. Sometimes that which you erect to keep others out does much to keep you in… Continue reading Fenced In By The Lord