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A Snippet Can Tip It

preachingatvillageYesterday I came home from work to see my wife had hung a bunch of pictures, paintings and photos. I had seen them years before but the last few years since the loss of our home it has been low on the priority list to hang anything up and they were in a closet. So I found it pretty cool. (A while ago someone gave me a word about hanging pictures. I wish I remembered who, but I see they were right.) I looked at them and thought about origins and beginnings. A few years ago I described prophecy as “pictures on the wall”. Jacob came in and he was impressed with Tina’s work as well Continue reading A Snippet Can Tip It

“Growth Is Excessive” Because God Is!

leejohndrowteamI read that headline, “Growth Is Excessive” and thought, is it possible? The story was just as exciting…

In a dream I had it was very dark and yet over where the fence was I saw 4 lights like that you might see on a radar screen. “Lee, you have to go get them” I was told. I did not want to but I finally got up and ran down the darkened path to where these lights were. I got them and returned with them. My heart was pounding.

The lights had been carriers of darkness in the dream. They were targets to be removed. It was time to shut them out. And they were. Continue reading “Growth Is Excessive” Because God Is!