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Love Never Gives Up

leejohndrowteamI am not sure why people always seem to go “towards the lowest common denominator” when it comes to believing in someone. The Bible tells us to “believe the best”. Perhaps we need to put a delay in our thinking to process to avoid the knee jerk response that creates and causes us trouble. Continue reading Love Never Gives Up

Destroy The Works Of The Enemy

leejohndrowteamThe enemy of our soul is alive and well, regardless of our belief or lack of belief in him. The devil and his minions move about looking to hurt, kill and destroy. I bring this up because lately I have noticed a number of folks who were struck down by a virus or disease that in many cases had slipped by undiagnosed. Ultimately each received the diagnosis by the most recent team of doctors. But in a few cases, some required 2, 3, even 4th or 5th doctors and teams. It would be one thing if the “disease” just noodled along, but in the most recent cases I had been involved in, the illness came in like gangbusters. Continue reading Destroy The Works Of The Enemy

The “No Checking Out” Line

MarcelNo checking out.

This morning as I was thinking about dreams, visions, hope and such, I felt the words begin to form, “You can’t check out”. I began to ponder it and think what does this mean.

Many years ago in my first marriage, I remember an older man saying “you two can handle the family reunion. It is time for young people to take over.” I remember the subsequent thinking on how that was meant in their eyes, that they were “done” with things. It was on a new generation. I also remember listening to the “why did you do that” and the “I would not do it that way” later on. Continue reading The “No Checking Out” Line

Where Does My Hope Come From?

preachingatvillageToo often in our lives we are confronted with the idea that we don’t count. That what we do does not matter.

The last week I watched yet one more crazy incident affect the lives of neighbors, school children and a community. The issue is not the incident itself but the feeling of hopelessness that has gripped the community. As I read the blogs, the articles, the comments, it is clear that the “insecurity” that has prevailed is increasing rather than decreasing. “Doesn’t God love everyone Lee?” Absolutely! I believe that beyond a shadow of a doubt. Continue reading Where Does My Hope Come From?

Word Of Destiny #6 For The Single Unwed Parent

podcast_logo1-e1377265165667My heart is often broken for the child born into a broken home. But it also goes out to the mom and or dad who is in this mess. Children born out of wedlock have a place in the kingdom as do the single mom or dad. People make mistakes. People hurt one another.

It is the love of the Father that calls them into His place. My own grandchildren understand that. When my daughter felt she could take no more, my wife and I stepped in. Continue reading Word Of Destiny #6 For The Single Unwed Parent