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Driven By Love? A Thought

leejohndrowteamAs I related to a friend a recent situation in which I had given a word, I could feel the chills. Why chills? A while ago a person received a word from me. The word involved lots of changes in this person’s life. And they acted upon it! Continue reading Driven By Love? A Thought

Come Out! Come Out Wherever You Are!

leejohndrowteamLast night I connected with a friend who I have not spoken to in years. Lives changed. Different paths. Fellow New Englanders we engaged over my article on New England. She wrote back. “Wow. Yes I resonate but I have always felt that it was our time because we live in the eternal now in Him but it does pair up with how God has called me over the past 25 years to release intimate love, boundless expressions of worship and wild creativity in the church, outside of the church, to large groups and individuals. Beautiful words and declarations…He’s always there with the goods willing to release them in and thru us. I don’t believe there is a need for delay or a sense of distance of any kind. At least that’s my theology now after 25 years.” Continue reading Come Out! Come Out Wherever You Are!

Hearing For The Family Fantastic

leejohndrowteamLast night our home group was on the topic of Hearing God For Your Family. Frankly it is an emotional topic because we came from family! Perhaps in your mind it was non-existent but somehow some way there was a parent or two, which means grandparents. Family. Continue reading Hearing For The Family Fantastic

Letting Go Of Yesterday

leejohndrowteamYesterday before I went off to be part of the church at our local fellowship, I saw this and wrote it on my ministry page. Lots of people read it and shared it..

This morning I saw words being shed. Words of destruction and words of hurt. I saw the shedding of pain. I saw new words being spoken. New words of goodness, grace and greatness. Continue reading Letting Go Of Yesterday

The Comfort Of The Lord

leejohndrowteamHave you ever struggled with the actions of others? Perhaps it was injustice, neglect or wrongdoing. I understand, but Jesus understands more. Hebrews 4:15 tells us that He went through hurt, pain and rejection and walked through it. The easy response to that statement is “but He was God!” And while that part is true, He left behind His godly attributes to take up earthly life as a man. A man who did not sin that He might be our Savior. A God who could sympathize because He had “been there”. Continue reading The Comfort Of The Lord

When All Else Fails… Love

2014-05-16 18.40.52Last night I had one of those moments. One where fear tries to eat at you. My life was not in danger and there was no threat. It was just something invasive trying to take me off the balance I was maintaining. I can’t always explain those things. But I know this, that most of the time it is like being in the rain. Whether you know the cause or not, you are going to get wet. And so are others. Continue reading When All Else Fails… Love

How Will You Respond? Course Correction

understanding1Over the years I have had many opportunities to watch the power of correction in lives. My own early life was simply an example of a man who had so little trust for others, so much pride for being right that there was little any one could do to help me or bring correction to my life.

Being the news junkie I am I have followed with interest the mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 and its inability to be found after over a week. I have heard and/or read every theory out there on its disappearance and where it might be. At this point the plane is believed to be in a new area hours away from where first thought. Continue reading How Will You Respond? Course Correction

A Friend Falls In His Life

ForgiveWhen I was a child I had a friend. A year older than me I met him through school when I moved to the small rural community. He and I had a lot of similar hobbies and interests. Recently I was reading about his death.

The topic of his death came up in a Facebook  thread I had been looking at. Someone was complaining about the past. About school, about teachers and parents. As I watched what I realized was this person was looking for a wrong to be righted.

My friend did not just die. He died many years ago. Over 40 years ago. The people on the thread wanted to extract justice from people who were dead. People who had done things to them. To others. Continue reading A Friend Falls In His Life