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The Importance Of Character

leejohndrowteamOne of the greatest hurts sustained in the body of the Christ is that time when someone falls or fails. When one hurts in the body we all hurt. 1 Corinthians 12:26

For some it is that moment when a “Judas” appeared in their life. A trusted person or persons let them down. Judas had a failing or a fall. (I am not talking about a fall from grace for that is simply a return to the law and leaving the understanding of grace.) It is the time where someone walks away or acts in a way that brings pain. Other times it is the recognition of a problem that causes so much pain. Continue reading The Importance Of Character

Growing Up Changes You

2013-08-22 10.50.57This morning I was sitting here as I often do, meditating on various things, enjoying the quiet when I was struck with the following thought. Despite my best efforts to remain immature in some areas, I have grown up.

Now you can read that and laugh, or view it with disdain but the reality is, I had no real say in it. Do I understand you can make choices? Of course I do! Do I get that you can work on things? Absolutely! But was I “looking” for it? No! Life through its various twists and turns, dead ends and highways “did” something to me. Continue reading Growing Up Changes You