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What Makes Us Different?

leejohndrowteamToday I get to be with friends and family. I have had a powerful weekend with many.

Having our friend Randall share on the topics of authenticity, legacy and generations definitely touched my heart strings. And gave me a greater appreciation than I had for him only moments before. Continue reading What Makes Us Different?

The Breakdown of Dividing Walls

trumpetDream A Little Dream

Last night I would have been “happy” with a little dream. But it was not to be so. I went to be late, only to find myself awakened from a “life size” dream, thinking it was two hours before and earlier than I had actually gone to bed!

Dreams are like that for me. Some dreams are little blips and others are time consuming and often require much thinking and processing.

My last dream was a little after 5AM. It seemed to tie all the others together.  (I do not like “conclusion” stories. I like clarification as I go. When people tell me stories and start at the end rather than the beginning, I find it difficult to follow.) But that is how the dreams went. Some snippets, others movies. Continue reading The Breakdown of Dividing Walls