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If You Make It…You Will Change The World

What if...
What if…

Last night I had three dreams. Each one was about manufacturing, about making something. Three dreams about various aspects. So, I will share the last first. Continue reading If You Make It…You Will Change The World

Going Up To The High Places

As we stood in the line I recognized my young friend. His first time at the building he moved towards me in the line. We talked about what we were sharing. Our latest inventions. As the line moved we were required to get out our licenses, a credit card and a submission card from the company. We presented our ideas and signed the sign in sheet. Walking to the elevator I noticed a number of people walking into a room on the first floor. As people got on the elevator the atmosphere was quiet.

The elevator moved to the next floor. A small group of people got off. As we moved up to the next floors more people got off. Finally, it was just my young friend and myself. We got off on the top floor. Walking to the desk we were required to once again ID for security.

We were escorted into a large conference room. Large windows over looked the city. No one there but he and I and the world.

I awoke from the dream.

As I waited for the thoughts to clarify, I had this sense of excitement building. The scriptures tell us that “God is the Creator of witty inventions.” What will we do with that? The same God who in Genesis 1:1 created all things.

I thought “is this really about inventions?” I think not.

Lately I have been pondering a class, “seeing the impossible to be possible”. It is not enough for me to read about the miraculous, nor even to believe it, but to see it manifested. When we saw Jesus in Matthew 16 He was creating something supernatural out of the natural. Something did not exist and yet it was coming. And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Making something to be impervious to the corruptions and the “wear and tear” of life.

My young friend represented a generation that is up and coming by natural standards, but he and I are of the generation that is chosen, royal and and able to do great exploits. The same generation…

Just as only the moment before a woman is pregnant and a child does not exist so is darkness with potential. Yet in the next moment “a child is born”, so is the creative force of the Lord found to be in man for the purpose of CREATION. Not just for art or music, or inventions or creations, but even for the very changing power of death(Why die when you do not have to?) into life, sickness in to divine health. Just as a pregnancy is started in the fires of a moment so is the creative powers of the Lord being expressed through you and I.

Not everyone will “get there” but I am convinced if we persevere and contend for the top, we will receive the top. The papers we presented at the desk? Our security is to be found in Him, our license to “practice” in that which He has perfected. The credit card representing the provision of the Lord in our lives. And the “submission” card, our lives given over to the One who loves us.

My young friend sees things differently than I do, but at some 20 years old, he is being wowed by the Lord. Only a few months ago, he did not even know the Lord. But in a moment, as for so many of us, his life was changed. What was dark was lightened by the “let there be light” moment that occurred. He is part of the generation here on earth that is dramatically changing the earth.

Going up!

A Trip To Inerton – A Dream August 5th, 2013

This morning I awoke about 4 from an unusual dream even for me. In the dream I was aboard an airplane. The airplane was flying over the Atlantic Ocean. On board with me were 2 associates. Two young women were accompanying me to what I believed to be the Olympics. As the plane began to descend, I asked where we were going, one of the young women responded, with “Inerton.” I replied with, “that’s weird, I have never heard of it.” As we were preparing to land there was tremendous explosion nearby. The plane shuddered and arced away sharply. “They have blown up the airport” I was told. “We will make an emergency landing because the gear was damaged.” As I looked out the window I saw flames and smoke. As the plane descended I began to see that we were going to land on a highway. Everything went into slow motion. As we dropped the wings began to hit poles and finally with a loud screech, we came to a stop and we settled. Doors began to open and the women and I were taken down the emergency ramps. (It was then I realized there were no other passengers, but only us and the staff.) As I tried to look around a large black car came up near us and we were scrambled into it. The car took off at a normal speed, no emergency maneuvers or evasion techniques that I could discern. Continue reading A Trip To Inerton – A Dream August 5th, 2013