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Love Your Enemies

2014-03-15 11.16.51Today I was thinking about a rant from a “friend” on Islam and terrorism. I disagreed with it. Why did I disagree? Because how can you reach those you hate? I don’t agree with terrorism in any shape or form. But I know someone needs to reach them. Certainly, my friend will never reach one… Continue reading Love Your Enemies

Are You Salt & Light? Or Are You Dull and Dark…

Don’t lose your vision.

This morning as I looked out my window the sun was shining, illuminating the foliage, bringing fire to the trees and their leaves.

I thought, “Lord, what do you have for me?”

I saw a few things.

I saw tanks pulling in across the horizon. The Lord showed me there was an all out attack on grace and it’s ability to change people…and to leave it alone. That He had it. Personally, I pretty much gave up being a grace policeman in the kingdom a while ago. People attack me and friends of mine. I saw the tanks go after people and men hunting the “perpetrators” of the message. Continue reading Are You Salt & Light? Or Are You Dull and Dark…

Words Of Destiny #3 Middle Aged Man – Teenage Young Seer

podcast_logo1-e1377265165667This morning I put together another word of destiny.

I saw a middle aged man being asked to change, to be flexible

New Testament prophecy ought to bring hope, encouragement and build you up., to move to another career. To meet Muslims and talk to them…

A young man who was a seer, crying out for the encounters of God.

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