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Practice, Purpose & Beauty

2015-09-05 12.52.11“Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty”

How many times have I seen that? Thought about it? I understand what folks are saying but it leaves so much up to happenstance. Serendipity. (Many years ago I taught on a response to that from the side of a believer, one empowered by grace and infused with love.) Continue reading Practice, Purpose & Beauty

How Has Your Garden Grown?

leejohndrowteamIn early 2009 I wrote this. Why recycle things? Because some times our revisit of history reveals things. At least it does for me. It may show me “son, this is not the first time I have talked to you about this.” Or it may show that things happened the way I or others saw it or perhaps they happened, not as we might have seen. Continue reading How Has Your Garden Grown?

How Big Is Your God? His Kindness Leads To Repentance

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

I think it is funny that so many are willing to say “I can’t do it your way” but when provoked as to what their way is, have no place to point to, no foundation to move from.

Over the years I have watched many who want to tell me what they are “unable” to do while setting stagnant. Unmoved. Let me help you with a few things. First “my way” was never my way. I was not looking for God and I was convinced He was not looking for me. Second His way still isn’t “my way.” I am consistently finding He loves me so much that He will not leave me here and delights in moving me more His way. Continue reading How Big Is Your God? His Kindness Leads To Repentance