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Grace Keeps You Off The Guardrails

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

The other day, my friend Lynn Hiles was here to speak in our church. Our conversation turned to West Virginia and the upcoming conference. He and I had a short conversation about something that happened while I was in West Virgina last September. While I was down there the Lord spoke something very powerful to my heart.

It was not a word that was spoken or part of a message. Here is what I heard and saw.

I was watching a road. On this road was a car. While they were driving, they were starting to slowly swerve side to side. There was guardrails like any country road. As I watched it started to hit the guardrails. First slowly and then a little faster. After being tossed about, finally the car came to a stop. There were dents and scratches all around the car as the result of the actions of the vehicle. I looked at the vehicle and that was when I heard the sound of the Lord’s voice. Continue reading Grace Keeps You Off The Guardrails

A Vision For October- The Birthing Of Something Big!

trumpetI have been away for a few days in West Virginia, enjoying the company of friends. It was an amazing time. Spending time away is always difficult away from family. It is made easier by the fact that I encountered some simply awesome people. My list is partial in the sense I will not remember all that I met. But I am thankful to the ministry of folks like Lynn Hiles, Roger Legg, Bob Smith, Dan Keistler and oh, so many more. Southern hospitality, superb teaching and fellowship. It just warms my heart. Continue reading A Vision For October- The Birthing Of Something Big!