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New England Is In For A Change!

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

I planned on writing something else. And as I sat down and reached for my laptop, I heard these words.

New England! It’s your time. It’s your season.

And that changed everything for me. Continue reading New England Is In For A Change!

Motorcycle Meanderings September 28, 2009


Fall, foliage, shorter days. My wife came out at noon time and said let’s go for a ride. The weather was nice and the they opportunities for a ride grow shorter. The weather was one of those wonderful fall days. The most difficult part of the ride was avoiding the wet leaves that build up on our road, and can be a little slippery when you round the corner. While I was closing down computers and the like she already had the cover off the bike. We headed down the hill and the weather was warm and the sun bright as we looked over the hills before us. Already the orange, yellow and red colorings have begun to change hills and the valleys. We headed out towards Ludlow and the colors grew more plentiful. Heading out towards Route 131 we saw the signs coming out for apple pies, apples and pumpkins. As we cruised down 131, the river reflected the colors of fall. With the sun beating down on black leather jackets, it is easy to relax. The ride was not that long but it took off the edge.

Fall foliage in New England provides a showcase for Mother Nature. Perhaps nowhere else in America, and maybe even the world, are the fall colors as stunning and spectacular as October in New England. Fall foliage in New England really begins in August. The shortening daylight hours trigger the deciduous trees to begin the process of shedding their leaves. It happens all around North America, and all around the world. But in New England it results in a display of special landscapes painted with fiery autumn colors.

Why is fall foliage in New England so different and special? It’s a factor of many things but mostly an abundance of different types of deciduous trees, warm autumn days, and cool – but not freezing – nights. When these and a few other conditions are all mixed in the right proportions, then you get the world famous stunning shades of reds, yellows, oranges, and browns on the hills and mountain sides of New England.

So here are some close by drives. Get that bike out and get some fall rides in.

In Massachusetts the most popular fall foliage scenic drives are along the famous Mohawk Trail, and the area known as The Berkshires. The Mohawk trail rolls out through the northwestern part of the state on route 2, and winds through the hills and mountains of the Berkshires, touching picturesque towns like Williamstown, Deerfield, Shelbourne, Colrain, Charlemont, and Shelburne Falls. The road follows an ancient foot path used to move between Massachusetts and New York by Native Americans.

Mount Greylock, the highest point in The Berkshires and Massachusetts, offers stunning views of the surrounding area and Mohawk Trail.


The White Mountain National Forest is home to many wonderful scenic drives but the most popular – and rightly so – has to be the 34-mile Kancamagus Scenic Highway that runs along route 112 from Conway to White Mountains Visitor Center in Lincoln. This drive is considered by many to be the top fall foliage New England scenic drive. You’ll see beautiful forests ablaze with autumn colors and plenty of photo opportunities with walks along gorges and streams, and with breathtaking views of the highest mountains in the Presidential Range.


With many fall foliage scenic drives to choose from, the Central Vermont area, around Killington, and the towns and highways of Woodstock, Rutland and Ludlow, offer up some of the most dazzling. This area is deep in The Green Mountain National Forest area, and not surprisingly offers dramatic fall foliage color and scenery.

Enjoy it while you can!

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