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Make A Memory Today


2015-11-06 11.05.36I decided to make a memory. My grandson was visiting. He is a low maintenance child. Does not demand a lot and is often pretty funny. But whether he was high maintenance or not, making memories is what people ought to consider. (It is hard to bemoan the condition of the world if you are not putting an oar in the water to get somewhere.) Continue reading Make A Memory Today

Stuck In The Mud?

2014-11-29 15.23.20This weekend brought a lot of a lot of fond memories to the forefront. Memories of family. Thanksgivings gone past. A lot of new memories were discovered and made as well. The Christmas tree went up and there was hot chocolate and popcorn, family and friends.

Family always has its own set of challenges as well. Those challenges can range from disagreements and misunderstandings to the hard ones like sickness, death or disaster. But if you are to implement the goodness of God to the children coming up, you will have to learn to hang in there. To not check out when the going gets tough. Continue reading Stuck In The Mud?

Reminiscing IS Good For The Soul

Up early and doing a bit of reminiscing. The definition of reminiscing is the recollection of memories and past events. Yesterday I had the opportunity to do some reminiscing with a few young folks about how I actually “got here.” My pathway to Christianity was not easy on most levels. Immediately after taking on relationship with the Father, my life was overturned.  I was faced with relationship implosion, the loss of friends and business.

I would lie to you to tell you that there were not times where I was willing to walk away. I struggled with worth and value and things that were beyond my control. But deep inside the life of Jesus was emanating. Beating, beaming. Like a beacon on a hill I was drawn to the light each time and the correction of my compass was intact. Continue reading Reminiscing IS Good For The Soul

Celebration And Memories

Birthday in Northford with friends and family
Birthday in Northford with friends and family

Celebration And Memories

I awoke at 4AM. I would like to tell you that it was because I am so excited about today. But, the truth is I had a pretty wild dream, at the same time I could hear Jacob talking in his sleep and Tina was pulling on the covers. So 4AM it is.

I have devoted time to prayer, meditation and coffee!  I am focused on the goodness of God in my life. I am encouraged in so many areas of my life. There are a few I would like to see God move in, but knowing I cannot do it, He can and I will let Him, takes the pressure off me.

Today, as I have for many a year, I celebrate my birthday. Friends and family will be here. I realize some may think I do it just to do something different, but that is not true. I struggle with relationships. I want them, but often times who I am and how I function make it hard for me. Too often I have let work, business or ministry supersede real relationship in my life. Being a loner was easy. “Hermits are us!” I need my down time, my quiet time and my no time.

Today is the day of the year where I see lots of family. (This year all my kids will be here. That has not happened for a while.) My family is precious to me. I have been on the other side with no family. (As a friend said in conversation yesterday, “foolish drinking and not working are not ingredients for success.” That was me.)

My children mean the world to me. Their children mean as much. A new addition to the family will join us today. Her name is Hannah Lynn.

Today many friends will be there. Some from business, some from years of friendship, some new and a vast majority join us today from our church gathering. I am excited about seeing them.

But I also share a part of my heart with those who cannot be here. My parents went on to be with the Lord many years ago. My birthday memories will always include them. My brother in Maine cannot be here. My sister is out west this summer. Over the years I have had my nieces here.

Many have shared these days with me over time. Some are no longer part of my life. Others have gone home to be with Him. I do not forget them or take lightly the influences they have had in my life and the life of those I influence. I look at pictures and reflect on the good stuff God has done for me. 6 years ago my daughter moved in with us with 3 children. I have seen God do some amazing things. Today is less a celebration about my birthday and more a celebration of “look what the Lord has done!”

Today, as it has in the past will be a day of memory creation. How thankful I am of that.

So long as the memory of certain beloved friends lives in my heart, I shall say that life is good.
Helen Keller