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Déjà vu And You


leejohndrowteamHave you ever been some where you know you have been before? Seen the same people? Deja vu? What if it was true that you had really been there? That happened to me last night.

I was in a meeting in our fellowship. A meeting of leaders. A meal to bless them to be followed by a worship time and sharing by a great friend, Randall Worley Continue reading Déjà vu And You

Have You Been Deceived About Your Past?

can we talkHave you been deceived about what you believed? It is an important question. How does one change their life without evaluating their beliefs?

I find that very often most people are caught up in a belief that is most likely not being remembered accurately. I think there’s a real reason that God desires that we live in the moment taking no thought for life tomorrow and not going back in the past trying to dredge up something. Continue reading Have You Been Deceived About Your Past?