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Dreams, Dreams, Dreams


2013-07-31 12.17.20Over the last few days I have had series of dreams that I have scribbled down looking for the thread. Not every dream is for everyone else. Sometimes they are for you!

Let me first share the three dreams. Continue reading Dreams, Dreams, Dreams

Are You Salt & Light? Or Are You Dull and Dark…

Don’t lose your vision.

This morning as I looked out my window the sun was shining, illuminating the foliage, bringing fire to the trees and their leaves.

I thought, “Lord, what do you have for me?”

I saw a few things.

I saw tanks pulling in across the horizon. The Lord showed me there was an all out attack on grace and it’s ability to change people…and to leave it alone. That He had it. Personally, I pretty much gave up being a grace policeman in the kingdom a while ago. People attack me and friends of mine. I saw the tanks go after people and men hunting the “perpetrators” of the message. Continue reading Are You Salt & Light? Or Are You Dull and Dark…

Experiencing Grace Truth and Love

Ajesus-and-mary2s the world of Facebook, Reddit and news blew up over the VMA’s and Miley Cyrus, my heart was crushed. As a dad, I can only imagine the parent’s internal responses to all of the news. The finger pointing, the accusations and the pain. Does anyone ever really comprehend how hurtful legalism and gossip really are? (I am pretty sure my own children did some pretty dumb things. I never stopped loving them. Ask them. I never waffled about grace, truth and love, but loved them. ) Is it really what she wore? What she did? Or just that unlike so many bound in the church, you just happened to see it? Continue reading Experiencing Grace Truth and Love

Walking Into Grace

When I want a hamburger, I do not go to a salad bar. (And vice versa.)
When I want Ford, I do not go to GM.
And when I want grace, I do not go to the law.
When I seek freedom I do not seek religion.
Not sure why so many think grace is not Jesus. Or why they would settle for mixture.
If I want to grow, it is not the law that will provide.
I plant myself firmly in the arms of grace.