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Who Has Seen The Rain?

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

Who has seen the rain?

I had just finished a motorcycle ride with my wife and we had come in to eat dinner. While dinner was finishing up, I heard those words. Great, a John Fogerty song. Creedence Clearwater Revival. I am pretty sure when I was a kid I was not even sure what a revival was or stood for. I knew it as an architecture style and little more. The original name of that band came from a “band member”, Creed. A beer, Olympia, the clear water. And the member’s renewed commitment to the band. Continue reading Who Has Seen The Rain?

The Cry of Eureka

preachingatvillageUncovering your answer

Yesterday I had a very unusual conversation with someone I have known but a short time. It started with the person saying something and while I was standing they kept “getting in my space”. I was sharing some of my early life before Jesus. Awkward that the room had a number of people in it. I was “trying to be quiet” but it was clear that others were listening. I realized that the listeners were 3 women and 1 man. They pretended to be “occupied” but they kept turning. The more I shared, the closer this young woman got. Everything inside of me wanted to reach out and hug her. I did reach out and put my hand on her shoulder, more to keep my distance. When I did I felt something “shift”. Continue reading The Cry of Eureka

God Isn’t Mad At You!

time to leave
time to leave

I meet a lot of people and a lot of them think God is mad at them. He is not.

When I was 15 it was time to get my license. Because I did not attend a public school, I was told that to drive a family car (And save money on my insurance, etc..) I would need driver’s ed. So, I had to make the decision to go to driver’s ed on Saturdays to complete it. And I did have the option of a standard.

My first driving lesson (Not in the classroom) I met Chuck Roberts. He showed up in a tan VW bug. On top was strapped a big yellow and brown sign with the name of the school. Interesting things happened over the next few weeks. I learned to drive in downtown New Haven Connecticut in rush hour! One time I was confronted with 3 “lefts” and I chose the wrong one. Chuck reached over and kept me out of the one way street! Continue reading God Isn’t Mad At You!

The World Out There

leejohndrowteamToday while in the work place I was “befriended” by a few people. The irony of it was the people who wanted to talk to me were most likely considered “outcasts”. They reached out to help me. An odd group in all honesty. It caused me to think about my ability to always be around those not churched. In 2007 I wrote the following piece.

Continue reading The World Out There

Angels & You

leejohndrowteamAngels are becoming more and more visible. Activity is increasing. Is that important? I think so. Hebrews 12:22-23 But you have come to Mount Zion, to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem. You have come to thousands upon thousands of angels in joyful assembly, 23to the church of the firstborn, whose names are written in heaven. You have come to God, the Judge of all, to the spirits of the righteous made perfect, Continue reading Angels & You

Motorcycle Meanderings March 19th 2009

I could be wrong, but I am feeling pretty secure in the fact that the weather is much nicer the last few days. The snow is melting out of yards and cellars may be a little damp, but the days are getting longer and I am feeling pretty excited that real motorcycle season is here. Oh, we may get a storm or two, but not enough to deter us. Many have already begun to rake yards and ready for gardens and flowers. I know my wife was out there making room for the plants breaking through. Continue reading Motorcycle Meanderings March 19th 2009

Jesus Cares About The inside

This weekend I was reading a story about someone wanting to cut a young man’s hair. “Pretty please” they begged.

As someone who has sported waist length hair in my years, Jimi Hendrix afro’s, pony tails and more, I wonder how this young man felt. I had a man one time tell me “God likes His sheep shorn short.” I know the church did not care for my long hair or my dress. Nor did they like my cars or motorcycles in many cases. Another man told me he would not be at my church because I rode a motorcycle.

A Snippet Of Truth
A Snippet Of Truth

So, what is with Jesus on the inside? How do we see external fixings under the heading of God? (I want my kids to look good but it does not change how I see them or love them.) Folks, good, bad or ugly, God loves them and you and has the capability to change them. They may never look like you want them to be, but isn’t it good God looks to the inside.

Our church family grows whether we wear paisley, plaid or print. We are not focused on the outside. It grows because of what is on the inside.

If you want a child to look better, please stop playing the God card. The number one complaint I hear about church people is “there are too many rules.” Stop adding rules, conditions and regulations. It only makes you a Pharisee.

Avoid The Distractions By Seeing Your Position

I am a motorcycle rider.

A few weeks ago I was cut off by a young woman in a car. She pulled directly in front of me to pull into a parking lot on my side. I was forced to brake so hard, that I hurt my wrists and popped my shoulder. It was a moment where I was blessed that I had just left some place to get to another. I was blessed probably that her car was red and I do not “trust” red cars. My thinking was correct.AS she blitzed in front of me she waved with one hand, while talking on her cell phone. Inches separated us.

Why do people drive the way they do? Why do they think not of the motorcycle driver? Why is it that despite my bike being “bigger than her car”, she still chooses to cut me off? Okay the last part is a stretch, but I drive a 1,000 pound motorcycle with bright lights and it is orange!

So, as I began to think through the deal itself the Lord popped into my mind thoughts of just how did the Jerusalem public, the religious leaders and all of those people miss the fact that this was the Messiah? How do we miss that which is in plain sight? How did the two men on the road to Emmaus miss out on who was walking with them? How did the woman with the issue of blood get past the crowd, past the disciples and touch the hem of Jesus’ robe?

If you believe God is close by (even living in you) or that He is at hand and that revelation is simply the exposure of that which is here, (Close Encounters of the God Kind) then my question I ask of myself, is HOW MUCH AM I MISSING? What am I missing? I am not freaking out about it, but how many angels have stepped aside in my distracted state? How many missed opportunities because of distractions? And how much have I endangered others and their spiritual lives by my actions?

There in our lives has been a “red car” approach at times. That missing. I never want to be that person. I am not talking about “missing” God but missing the opportunity to see Him glorified. Seeing the “wow’s” of God in lives. Many times we choose from comfort or from doubt, rather than from relationship or His will in our lives.

It is time to ask the Lord to reveal Himself and be ready and waiting for His appearance. So often in my life it is the subtlety of His coming that puts me in awe rather than the fireworks of His appearance. Do not misunderstand me, I like fireworks, but so frequently what I may consider a firework is not as far reaching as the undulating times with Him in His presence. It is in those moments we see the power of Sonship.  In those times the goodness of God is increasing, changing communities and regions.

When I spend time picking up rocks, looking at flowers I never doubt the reality of the Creator. The more time we spend feasting on Him, the less time we spend missing out on Him.

I was thinking last night that many of the people I know live as servants and not as sons. Live beneath the expectation and ability He has bestowed upon them. They wait for the visit of the Master instead of walking as He walked. He has given us the “office” of His anointing. He has seated us in place with Him. No need to wonder. Our distractions often are from our misunderstanding of our position.  It is His grace that is operative through our lives.

I do not want to miss an opportunity for an encounter with Him.