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The Closening Of Angels

leejohndrowteamThis week I have sensed a spiritual shift or a “closening” of the realm of angels and God. It had been a period of weeks or maybe even months since I felt this happening. This time seems different than previous times. Why? I am not totally sure, but I am sure it is happening. Continue reading The Closening Of Angels

3 Words For Today You May Want To Consider

flamesNo sooner had I completed my blog entry for today than I found myself hearing and seeing words.

I feel like we are in a season of revival, of awakening and words that encourage and change us are important. I see, as do others, far reaching change of our nation.

With that in mind I share these three words. Continue reading 3 Words For Today You May Want To Consider

A New Season for Tina and I

This is a new season for Tina and I.

thankful-script 2013-11-03 08.36.34I wrote this on Friday.

Today is a new season for Tina and I. Our 11th move in over 21 years together. November 1st 2013. (Lots of 1’s.) I have Christmas music playing in the new apartment while waiting for the cable guy to show up and hook up the internet.  We will be moved out of our smoky apartment and into this nice quiet place.

Jacob woke up on Saturday morning and said “daddy, I love this place. I slept so well.” It was a busy weekend but everything is moved. So thankful for friends and family that helped this weekend make it happen.

And yesterday these were my thoughts.

Who would have thought moving would have removed the pain?
Over a year ago I became so sick that I could no longer carry my business. Hence a loss of income.

For over a year I have experienced pain levels of 8-10 each and every morning I had stayed in our apartment. The only respite was travel and staying somewhere else.

When it began I put off the doctor, but the sudden weight loss accompanied by the pain drove me to the doctor. Upon entering they wasted no time and scheduled batteries of tests, including endoscopy, blood work, allergy tests, CATscan and MRI. I had a tech who told me “you are here because you have cancer” at which I told him to “shut up.”

The end result was after nearly 6 months, they said they could find nothing. But I still experienced huge pain levels.

Before our move I was driven to just not moving for hours and hours, even though knowing to go outside would be “healthier” just getting up sometimes took all my energy. For the most part, few knew the extent of what was endured.

We are moved and I am thankful. Overnight the pain left. My voice is being restored.

I am thankful for all the friends and family who have made this possible. I really appreciate each and every one of you.

I am not sure what exactly is on the table for the future. Tina and I have a day to ourselves on some levels as I move one more carload today.

A lot of things are up in the air, so to speak. But grace is the empowerment to overcome.

Thanks for all you do.

A new season. For us. For many.