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Run Lightly!

leejohndrowteamLast night I dreamed that I was running. Running every where. But the challenge truly came when I came upon a section where it was wet, muddy and had large puddles. I do not know about you but when I was a child this kind of meadow was a challenge. Especially in the winter. How many times did the run break through the ice or get me stuck in mud. I learned to “run light” and get across as quickly as possible. Looking behind me I could see where I had been. There is something about running lightly that challenged me then. The dream brought it all back. Continue reading Run Lightly!

Stuck In The Mud?

2014-11-29 15.23.20This weekend brought a lot of a lot of fond memories to the forefront. Memories of family. Thanksgivings gone past. A lot of new memories were discovered and made as well. The Christmas tree went up and there was hot chocolate and popcorn, family and friends.

Family always has its own set of challenges as well. Those challenges can range from disagreements and misunderstandings to the hard ones like sickness, death or disaster. But if you are to implement the goodness of God to the children coming up, you will have to learn to hang in there. To not check out when the going gets tough. Continue reading Stuck In The Mud?

Motorcycle Meanderings March 3rd, 2009

2012-04-22_08-03-20_978I could be wrong, but I am feeling pretty secure in the fact that the weather is much nicer the last few days. The snow is melting out of yards and cellars may be a little damp (Check out either ABT or RID-U Systems for solutions!), but the days are getting longer and I am feeling pretty excited that real motorcycle season is here. Oh, we may get a storm or two, but not enough to deter us. Many have already begun to rake yards and ready for gardens and flowers. I know my wife was out there making room for the plants breaking through. Continue reading Motorcycle Meanderings March 3rd, 2009