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Stop, Look And Listen… It’s Coming!

donttalkWisdom and revelation

I sat here this morning and read the news. Ferguson, Cosby and Gruber. At first, I thought what is in a name. (A whole path in itself.) But because I had been up early thinking about a particular topic I thought I had a glimmer of where I might head. Reading the news just convinced me “why let facts get in the way”. A former publisher, I had witnessed one too many “why let truth get in the way of a good story”. Continue reading Stop, Look And Listen… It’s Coming!

Term Limits Removed

leejohndrowteamI was sitting here thinking about term limits. Not in the political sense we so often think about, but the time we are allowed to engage in something. The word “term” as a concept or defining factor.

And the Lord said “term limits are no more”.

No longer will man be limited by time. No longer shall he be constrained or held back. A supernatural being is not constrained by time or limited to defined hours, weeks, months or years. Age will not limit for we live in eternity. While I am the God of eternal, I am the God who removes the limits of time. Continue reading Term Limits Removed