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What Are You Saying?

matthewI thought about putting this aside. But something occurred yesterday that changed my mind.  Add in a dream where the “prison cell” was constructed of actual words and I thought this was important.

There are three topics that have been on my heart in recent days. They are the thinking of innocence, bad headlines and news and the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon.

I am putting aside the innocence piece for the most part because it is still “emotional” in my head. Not a place I enjoy writing from. Suffice to say, I believe strongly in the word innocence from a Biblical place and the realities of it in the Kingdom. Continue reading What Are You Saying?

What Are You Saying? A Few Thoughts On Facebook

2013-04-17_13-47-36_533My wife has gone away for a few days with a friend. I am excited for her. The beach is her love. Me, I am lake kind of guy. So, the big question is what will I do with a few days of quiet on my hand. Not all that long ago, I would find plenty of things to fill my “quiet times”. These days I will probably write or sleep. And tonight after work I will be getting Jacob so all in all a good weekend is on tap. Continue reading What Are You Saying? A Few Thoughts On Facebook

A Seed Planted-Potential At Hand

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

A seed planted

This morning as I was traveling back from Boston, I was caught up in the idea of seeds. I thought about all the things a seed will do and what it can hold or contain. Depending on the seed, it has potential to grow trees and create children and supply food.

One of the most amazing things is that the seed is not representative of what the final product looks like. Unlike an Erector Set or Lincoln Logs or Legos in which you can “tell” where the result is headed, when you see a seed you do not know necessarily if it will be big or tall, green or red or pretty much anything else. Continue reading A Seed Planted-Potential At Hand

Are You In Irons Or Encountering A Lull?

I admit I get agitated by the thinking that we are always contending for some thing. Always got to work hard or harder. I do believe in the finished work of Christ and the need for us to to deliver the world from itself by exposing the lies that work against peace and rest. I don’t believe leaving my place of rest.

I do understand. Last night a few of us gathered for a meal and at some point we prayed about children and generations to come. Amongst us there are personal desires and needs. Recently my wife and I stepped into a world of change that while not unfamiliar has brought new challenges. Things to overcome. Continue reading Are You In Irons Or Encountering A Lull?

The Need For A Good Atmosphere

Just a thought?
Just a thought?

Too often we walk into a circumstance or situation and we can tell that something is off. It is at that point we get to make the determination will we accept it or reject it. My experience is that many people just get comfortable with the feeling that has been revealed to them even when it is negative. This is fine if the atmosphere you are walking in is a good one. The difficulty is when we encounter an atmosphere that is off or even demonic in nature and we accept it.

When it comes to changing atmosphere, it ultimately comes down to you and your belief of who God is within your life. If you believe you are always under circumstances and not above circumstances you will operate from that mentality. (Ephesians 1:20-23) My hope here is to encourage you to change the atmosphere. Continue reading The Need For A Good Atmosphere