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Redemption Or Bankruptcy? The Choice Is Yours

Prophesying over my friends.
Prophesying over my friends.

Last night one of my dreams put me in a place of contention with a friend over the world, economics and the topic of bankruptcy versus redemption. He was telling me that in the process of his loss he had been able to develop a process of redemption rather than bankruptcy allowing him and his wife to move ahead.

Now, as I awoke I thought about it. First, the reality of it. (Could not validate his point.) Then on to his points. Continue reading Redemption Or Bankruptcy? The Choice Is Yours

Dreams Or Disaster?




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Just a thought?
Just a thought?

This morning I was thinking about the dreams of “ungodly” men and women. As I began to think about the dreams, I was drawn to the idea that many times in the scriptures men and women who were not “walking” with God received a dream from the Lord. That changed them. Shaped them.

Genesis 20 tells us the story of Abraham and Sarah. Abraham lied to Abimelech about who Sarah was. Telling him it was his sister and not his wife. Abimelech moved Sarah in with him. That night the Lord invades Abimelech’s dreams with a dream about the lie told to him. Continue reading Dreams Or Disaster?

Encounters Of The God Kind – Running Into God

trumpetLike Paul, my encounter with Jesus left me “blind.” No  longer could I see the things the way I had. I talked about a paradigm shift. It is the kind of shift that you can not ever see the way you did previously.

Last night our fellowship prayed for people to have encounters. That God would show up to people like Presidents Assad and Obama. That He would appear to Putin and the Muslim clerics and imams. My kind of encounter! Continue reading Encounters Of The God Kind – Running Into God

Relationship Changes – Are We Open?

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

I often find myself thinking about seasons of goodness, of increased relationship, of tremendous change. I just went through a season, so to speak. It was as if my family pulled in “tight” so to speak. I am in a different season now. It is a season where we have not “lost anything” and I can see the gains, but growth and change are not explosive.

Last week, while we were getting ready to sleep, Jacob asked me “how old is God?” I worked some of the easier answers, but he persisted with “how old is He?” I finally told him a “googleplex and more.” Fortunately he was tired enough, not too much more conversation happened. (When I was a child, I remember being his age and lying in bed in this old farmhouse, thinking about infinity and the universe and feeling the “frustration” of not being able to wrap my brain around it. My teachers were frustrated I would not let up on the topic !) Continue reading Relationship Changes – Are We Open?