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When People Are In Pain


preachingatvillageI am an observer. But for something truly to be observed I feel the need to research truth and seek perspective. So, last night I was thinking about this statement I was impressed with while praying. “Funny how when people are in pain they want to change everything…” My observation was this.

I know a lot of people outside the church. Both believers and what I call pre-believers. On both sides of the aisle they have opinions as to what the church ought to look like, how it ought to function, so on and so forth. Now I am going to let the pre-believer off the hook. My reasoning is simple. They have not recognized the love of the Father. The greatness of who He is and how large is His grace. Continue reading When People Are In Pain

The Consequences Are Real

Beating the odds
Beating the odds

In my dream last night I was called to inspect military systems of deployment of weaponry. Most specifically these systems dealt with observation, reconnaissance and utilization of weapons. The systems were run by folks who were settled away in underground bunkers. Continue reading The Consequences Are Real