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Believing For Bigger


leejohndrowteamThere was a time in America where the church (Its people, its truth.) stood at the forefront of much that went on in community after community. In early New England every town had a church building and people gathered there. At one point it was said that “every five miles” a church building was to be established. People wanted the church and the church wanted people. Continue reading Believing For Bigger

Overcomers Overcome

preachingatvillageYesterday I took on a new challenge. I went to the gym to lift weights and get back in shape. I am determined my life will be one of strength and vitality. Today, I am looking for the number of the truck that ran over me in the middle of the night! WOW! Brings new meaning to “pain=gain” or some such pithy saying.

Life is meant to be overcome. This is an overcoming moment in it. I will do this. My friend who helped me get started said this to me, “don’t let anyone laugh at you”. So now, I have to overcome weights and people. Anything else? Yep, after I did the weights I went to walk. And my left knee gave out nearly pulling me to the ground. (It had been brutalized in a couple of sports accidents over the years.) Continue reading Overcomers Overcome

Overcomers Or Overcome? The Answer Is Behind Door #2

preachingatvillageToday I had to drive over one hour to a work training. On the way there I felt extremely overwhelmed. There were things coming into my mind that I never think about. I saw thoughts of suicide, homicide, depression and so many dark thoughts, I found myself weeping and crying out to the Lord. At first I thought it was me. But as soon as I got through the first turn of the company’s parking lot, the feelings lifted. Respite. What was all that I wondered. Continue reading Overcomers Or Overcome? The Answer Is Behind Door #2

My Brother, The Runner – Boston Marathon 2014

davidjohndrowMy Brother The Runner

Today my brother completed his second marathon. This was the Boston Marathon 2014. I am extremely proud of my little brother David!

His time 5:43:42.

My brother suffered from Viral Myocarditis in 2011. He recovered and was totally healed in a church service in my home fellowship. He subsequently had surgery for a shoulder injury and then a knee that needed healing. He has beat those all. And he decided to run! Continue reading My Brother, The Runner – Boston Marathon 2014