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Driven By Love? A Thought


leejohndrowteamAs I related to a friend a recent situation in which I had given a word, I could feel the chills. Why chills? A while ago a person received a word from me. The word involved lots of changes in this person’s life. And they acted upon it! Continue reading Driven By Love? A Thought

Hearing For The Family Fantastic

leejohndrowteamLast night our home group was on the topic of Hearing God For Your Family. Frankly it is an emotional topic because we came from family! Perhaps in your mind it was non-existent but somehow some way there was a parent or two, which means grandparents. Family. Continue reading Hearing For The Family Fantastic

Letting Go Of Yesterday

leejohndrowteamYesterday before I went off to be part of the church at our local fellowship, I saw this and wrote it on my ministry page. Lots of people read it and shared it..

This morning I saw words being shed. Words of destruction and words of hurt. I saw the shedding of pain. I saw new words being spoken. New words of goodness, grace and greatness. Continue reading Letting Go Of Yesterday

The Comfort Of The Lord

leejohndrowteamHave you ever struggled with the actions of others? Perhaps it was injustice, neglect or wrongdoing. I understand, but Jesus understands more. Hebrews 4:15 tells us that He went through hurt, pain and rejection and walked through it. The easy response to that statement is “but He was God!” And while that part is true, He left behind His godly attributes to take up earthly life as a man. A man who did not sin that He might be our Savior. A God who could sympathize because He had “been there”. Continue reading The Comfort Of The Lord

When All Else Fails… Love

2014-05-16 18.40.52Last night I had one of those moments. One where fear tries to eat at you. My life was not in danger and there was no threat. It was just something invasive trying to take me off the balance I was maintaining. I can’t always explain those things. But I know this, that most of the time it is like being in the rain. Whether you know the cause or not, you are going to get wet. And so are others. Continue reading When All Else Fails… Love

Mastering The Moment

2014-09-21 13.20.19The greatest failure of a person may well be to miss out on “the moment”.

What moment? Well, maybe any moment. Just because it is not fun does not mean it does not have value. I understand that sickness and death are not fun. But, in the midst of those I learned compassion. To exercise grace. (As a believer I do not think either of those “moments” are necessary!) The normal routine is to wriggle out of pain or discomfort. But where are you wriggling to? Sometimes we must incur “pain” to arrive at gain. Continue reading Mastering The Moment

A Hug Changes a Heart – Laughter Changes An Atmosphere

2014-08-09 13.57.03Last night a couple of young friends connected with me and ended up coming over to visit. If they only knew how much I “needed” it.

Perhaps it is the season and it is the enemy throwing junk down on people, but it has seemed like there is a lot going on in people’s lives. Maybe there is. Maybe we are more connected than we realize. But, when they said they were coming over, I was encouraged. Continue reading A Hug Changes a Heart – Laughter Changes An Atmosphere

When People Are In Pain

preachingatvillageI am an observer. But for something truly to be observed I feel the need to research truth and seek perspective. So, last night I was thinking about this statement I was impressed with while praying. “Funny how when people are in pain they want to change everything…” My observation was this.

I know a lot of people outside the church. Both believers and what I call pre-believers. On both sides of the aisle they have opinions as to what the church ought to look like, how it ought to function, so on and so forth. Now I am going to let the pre-believer off the hook. My reasoning is simple. They have not recognized the love of the Father. The greatness of who He is and how large is His grace. Continue reading When People Are In Pain