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Your Light Will Break Forth


leejohndrowteamJim Morris told us in 1966 to “break on through to the other side”.

Many of us have desired breakthrough. Part of it is coming to an understanding of what we are leaving, moving through and headed towards. Over the years I have heard a lot of prophetic words on breakthrough. People get excited. (I do.) But at some point we must look at what it means. It is one thing for me to offer you a candy bar. “You shall have chocolate.” Another if chocolate is not high on your radar screen. It also brings more excitement and understanding to your world, if for instance someone says “you shall have a Payday” and that is your favorite candy bar in the whole wide world! Continue reading Your Light Will Break Forth

Letting Go And Choosing God

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

This week I will attend the funeral of a young person. This week I met with a young person planning for his future.

The tale of two places. One ahead. One dead. Through out life we encounter choice, chance and opportunity. What will we do? How will we choose? Continue reading Letting Go And Choosing God

Have You Been Deceived About Your Past?

can we talkHave you been deceived about what you believed? It is an important question. How does one change their life without evaluating their beliefs?

I find that very often most people are caught up in a belief that is most likely not being remembered accurately. I think there’s a real reason that God desires that we live in the moment taking no thought for life tomorrow and not going back in the past trying to dredge up something. Continue reading Have You Been Deceived About Your Past?