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Thermometer Versus Thermostat… Peace

leejohndrowteamI awoke about 4 this morning. As I looked out over the room, thermometers began to appear. I got up and walked about them. People’s names were on many of them. But so were words like children, family, finances. Some had Facebook and workplace written on them. I went back and sat on the bed. Then I began to see walls and on the walls were thermostats. These thermostats had names as well. Continue reading Thermometer Versus Thermostat… Peace

The Lost, The Lonely, The Loveless

alyssacamera 004In the dream my wife and I were asked to minister in a town in Connecticut. We drove down there and had arranged for some of our team to join us later. Before the church gathering we were to meet the minister at a school in the area. We arrived and pulled up to the school. Like any school, there was a number of students crossing from one section to another. Some going to their cars. We pulled open the front door and went to the office to sign in. We were escorted to the gymnasium. Continue reading The Lost, The Lonely, The Loveless