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Sharing The Wealth

leejohndrowteamLast week, I was with a friend of mine and we were talking about life and where we were at individually as well as corporately in our minds. What we were seeing and sensing.

One of the topics that came up was what do we do when we feel like we’re in a season of not doing anything. That place of “stagnancy”. Personally I have seen, that when we are not moving ahead and begin to develop those thoughts of “where is this headed”, we become bored, complacent and are apt to get in trouble. Continue reading Sharing The Wealth

I Hear Raise The Praise!

StardustThis morning I had three very intense dreams.

The first was this. I and a group that I worked with were in a very high skyscraper of sorts, looking out over the “city” below. We were people of prayer and we would “see” situations and deliver them to our folks to pray. The room was circular, allowing us 360 degrees of “view. We could “look” anywhere. The building was self contained. We were dressed as if we were at work in a business office in the city. Jackets, ties, dresses and such. Each visible desk had multiple monitors but no visible computers or even wires.

It was at a point, where I was explaining something was “going” on and we were going to have to leave, that two or three of us said, “Look! They are breaking in! They have overcome the guards and security stations. When I asked “how close” I was answered with now. We could hear them in a hallway or elevator shaft. Our staff walked over to a door that exited out into an area like a subway. (Keep in mind we are high above the world below…) It was a crazy glass or clear plastic tube that we all got into and in moments were somewhere else, seemingly miles and miles away from the danger.

In dream two, I and a friend encountered a group of people on an old farm. As I listened to what was being said, I realized that “it was wrong”. The words were condemnatory and dangerous. They were inciting people in such a way that others were in danger. I walked into the large barn and asked if I could share some things. I was denied and they threatened my life. I turned to my friends, but they had already left. I decided it was a “now or never” moment. And with that I began to speak. As my words went out I saw what could only be “described” as a liquid calm overtaking the barnful of people.

Dream three-I was living in a community very similar to the one I live in now. There had been a suicide by a young girl. I went with a couple of friends to visit the family. As we were driving, one of the women in the car began to get very agitated and started to talk loudly. As we made a right hand turn onto another larger street, I looked to her and simply said, “don’t you trust me”. I woke up with those words on my lips. In fact it woke me up. I closed my eyes, not to sleep, but to refocus. And even as she began to yell more and more, I felt myself “leave” the vehicle and get there. I saw myself and a friend praying for this young girl as life restored. The young people around us just sat there and began to cry. It was not long after that the car full of people arrived to a room full of people who were revived by the spirit of God, forsaking drugs and immorality.

As I talked to my friend in another room our discussion was “they are believing lies.” They are taking scripture and calling them musing. This is why they are being hurt. (Not scriptural truth but deception was being brought forth.)

I felt these words in my chest…”You want change? Be the change…”

We are in the midst of something crazy. So much is wrong while so much is right. People think this is the way it is to be. I am not so sure. Polarization? Continued danger? (I remember a young woman from South Africa telling me she did not stop at stops signs and stop lights in a America, because she still could not wrap her brain about the idea people would not grab her like they would in her home country.) It is time for the people of God to remove fear from their lives and perfect the love of the Father through their expression of Him. What are you speaking? What are you saying? What are you doing?

I believe the first dream spoke of people seeing situations and circumstances and taking Godly authority over them. Certainly I believe evils is being “released” but I believe God is releasing the “hearing of God” on His people in this hour. Not just the seeing. I believe He is going to keep safe those that cling to Him and listen. We have the power to overcome sickness and disease, death and destruction. Creative miracles are being called into play.

The second dream indicates that there is a clear message of goodness that will overtake the people. Clear leadership will arise in this nation. People thought of least will become the most in His kingdom and I hear the words “rapid deployment”. God’s supernatural peace is being tapped into. Touched and pulled in.

The third dream reminded me of Lazarus and his rising. Death can not contain. Real deal miracles are in abundance.

I am hearing even in this moment that there is a rapid deployment of folks who see and hear, speaking His peace in a storm and even raising the dead. I feel the Lord is saying “prepare your heart” for you have not encountered this in your lives. I felt there is a “need for seed” and God gives seed to the sower. There are many who are sowing and it is in this hour that seed must come. I speak to those who thought their season was over, their hour was sour, but even now I see a refreshing. It will require changes in thinking. For some I hear that you must go the place of influence and regain that which was lost.

I believe it is time for the return of praise to the lips of His people and to His church. (I am reminded of a meeting I attended some 20 plus years ago. We were not allowed in the building, but literally thousands of us stood and turned away from the stadium to “face the city”. Songs of praise began to come forth over Indianapolis in that early morning sun. Louder and louder, stronger and stronger. Even the protesters were swept up in it.)

I hear raise the praise(prays?…) to remove the malaise.

A New Season…What Does That Mean…

Ready for God to express Himself.
Ready for God to express Himself.

A new season…

What does that really mean? How do we digest that? What do we do with that? So often we think a new season is going to be great, but what if it isn’t?

For instance I began a new season a few months ago. By my standards (And others…) I failed. For the first time in my life I was “unsuccessful” and did not meet goals or expectations. Was that a good season? Does God look at it and say “you failed” or you had a bad season?

The result of my “bad season” is I have turned inward. I have stayed closer to God. (Further from friends and family.) I don’t have my verve. I am not sure what it looks like to be like Paul and Silas in a prison singing praise. Do not get me wrong. I have praised God. Only yesterday I am sure some folks thought I was “loose” from somewhere as I sang my songs of praise.

Here we are. August.

As I spoke to many people, most were ready for July to end. It had not “panned” out the way they thought. So what are our standards? I had a new grandchild. Made a couple of new friends. What is your thought?

I believe that the “hunger” for the Lord to move has increased. Things often change in a day or a moment. Only last month people wanted Health Care resolved but today it is the fears caused by the border explosion: hungry children, disease and violence.

Down seasons can make you bitter or better. They can reduce you or increase you. Who is your hope tied to?

Lee…where is the word? I believe this is it.

Today is the day of the beginning. The day where you can say “I am going to praise God in my season of downness”. To recognize God with my praise. To look for Him in what I do not see Him doing yet. To review what He did do for me in my season of down, of apparent failure. To recognize He is “now” in my now.

I looked at Joseph. The man who seemed to lose coats. The man who went from the pit to Potiphar’s, to the prison to the palace. How long did he sit in his place of apparent failure, of despair while in the pit? How long did he languish after he gave a “great” word to a baker and a butler? What was his standard? Did he give up? Did he stop giving words or interpreting dreams? Apparently not, because it was an interpretation that set him free.

Will you extend grace in your pit? Will you minister in your prison? Will you not waver in the “house of Potiphar”?

My time in “darkness” has revealed to me what I am good at and what I am not.

August. The dictionary describes the word August, as majestic, imposing, dignified or of noble birth. So, I say to you this day, what will you birth of majesty, of dignity? Will you release that which has been within you all these years?

Regardless of your prison or palace, God is in you, seeking a place to express Himself through you. Whether it is in the work place or in the grocery store. God invested in you. He invested with a return in mind and He is a long term investor. Regardless of the season, the return is coming.

Praise Him…Even When It Is Tough

"Use me!"
“Use me!”

A conversation came up last night about being married, being a parent. My wife said that people often talk to here about how she and I do things. She said “people that flow together have learned to flow during times when ‘flowing’ was not happening”. We had some difficult times in our marriage. But we had to put aside the “d word” (Divorce) and decide that it was for our children. That the legacy of marriage and security was greater than the desire to be separate.

I share the following story from June of 1997. Continue reading Praise Him…Even When It Is Tough

Lift Up Your Voice With A Shout Of Praise!

depression1Today my family begins to show up here at our home. All my children will be here over the weekend to celebrate the upcoming birth of my daughter Amy’s baby boy with a shower. A busy weekend but I would not trade it for all the money in the world. Continue reading Lift Up Your Voice With A Shout Of Praise!

Praise Is The Answer

have been noticing a couple of things that seem to be affecting the body of Christ across the board.

One is the area of health. It seems to have “kicked” up a notch the last couple of weeks. Before we attribute things to the weather, pollen, etc.., we must remind ourselves that we are NOT under the curse. Sickness is not one of the sufferings of Christ you see in the scriptures. We are called to lived above and not “under.” That is not to condemn but to point.

The other is finance. I hear “what about me” as someone else is blessed.

Because people look at those two things and relate it all to them, the enemy works over time, bringing up the third area.

“Will I ever get it? Will I ever fit in?” All three are lies of the enemy.

God showed me that “praise” will be the answer.

Praise is not worship. My personal definition of worship is to tell God who He is in your life. Abba, Father, etc.. Praise to me tends to be “Aggressive” because it is telling God who He is according to who He is.

I read one time that worship was “I don’t have a car, a home or money, but I will worship you.” Praise is thanking Him. (When I am feeling down, I turn on the praise!) A lot of it is calling things that aren’t as though they are.

If you have been going through the “rough patch” and do not “feel” like praising Him, I am going to challenge you. It is your job to make earth like heaven.