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Who Is In The Office?


george washingtonToday, all across our great nation, men and women will step up to a voting booth and vote their heart for the man or woman they deem best suited for a specific office. I always find it to be an interesting time. All the debates, campaign letters and political ads. There was a time in my life where I participated heavily. At one point I was a campaign manager for a Senate run, I have driven all the miles, done all the digging and ended each day tired. In later years my newspapers covered the issues, the candidates and the thought process. Interesting times.

And before I begin, let it be known, I think who is in office is important. But I think who is in the “office” of men and women everywhere is of more importance. His name is Jesus. And when He sets up shop in a person’s life things begin to change.

Many will vote according to life (Abortion, assisted suicide and such.) while others will vote predicated upon finances. Still others will choose according to what they can get or what they believe they deserve. All of these have value and all are emotional topics in many circles. How do I know? Yesterday, I was downloaded on by a man about health care benefits. I am not even sure what prompted the conversation. Another asked me my thoughts about physician assisted suicide. Meanwhile a friend has chosen to die.

All of these are important. To me, to them, to Jesus. I truly understand.

I have friends who think more laws about abortion and life will help. Others who demand satisfaction over guns(Both sides of the “rifle”!)and their use. Still others who bemoan spendthrift candidates. I get it. Trust me I do. Only yesterday while driving home in the dark I was reminded of better times. Joyous times. I agree something has to change. Who will change that? A man or woman in Congress or the Senate? Ummmm…probably not. It is only a matter of time in the eyes of men and women before today will be forgotten and we await the next election cycle. It will be changed by “we the people”.

Laws don’t change people. (For the reality of sin is empowered by the law.) Elected officials don’t change people. It is not about a man, but about the Man. Jesus. “Lee, are you saying, don’t vote?” Absolutely not! Get out there and vote! But tomorrow wake up and recognize the change you desire for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness will be found in a changed people, not a candidate or two.

Hear me. I believe in taking care of people. (Jesus told us the poor would always be with us.)I believe in laws for people (Especially those perhaps who do not understand Jesus and His ways at this juncture.) to maintain health and safety and provide for quality of life. I believe in a lot of things you may not think I believe in.

But most of all…I believe in Jesus. My hope and my trust is in Him. Not just the “hey, He’s got it, who cares” thought process. I think it is amazing that when He was done, He said it was done and sat down. He handed the keys to change over to us. And with that thought, I believe in “all hands on deck”. I know government may be run by a class or a type of individual and it is up to us to change some of that. Just as a church body can not function by a man alone, neither can can a government function without all the pieces participating. In recent days we have seen that personal charisma is not enough to change a church or a nation.

If you think God is all about calling people names or polarizing people, I have to differ with you. (Did Jesus polarize? Of course! But He was Jesus and that was then. Pre-New Testament.)This is now. The body is to be one with the Father and to love the people. All people. Love is NOT rude.

My solution is simply this. To “check in with the Father” and bring what He is doing in heaven to a district, a community, a state or a nation near you!

Hidden No More

leejohndrowteamThe company had hired me to uncover espionage. Most of it the corporate, milk toast kind of espionage. Only occasionally had it proved to be “dangerous” as people were found to be stealing. Much of it was pretty simple. But my degree of intuitiveness (That is what my company would call it.) had helped me.

The hard part was my coworkers thought I just occupied a desk and took lots of trips. I never really had “conversations” with them. The upper echelons did not really want to be “affiliated” with me, leading to a lonely workplace environment. (I suspected the corporate side had a few secrets themselves.) Continue reading Hidden No More

All Hands On Deck!

preachingatvillageI wrote the following yesterday.

This morning I woke and was thinking about what if government “leaders” were in isolation or restricted from doing what they were called to because they were being constrained by God or His prophets.

This morning while Tina was away with Jacob at the Y, I was camping out with the Lord. Continue reading All Hands On Deck!

Incoming …A Lot In Between

My old home-The Harmonyville Grist Mill
My old home-The Harmonyville Grist Mill

Many years ago I built homes. We built some pretty extraordinary homes. In the early years we built in the Golden Triangle of Stratton, Bromley and Magic Mountains. Later on over in the western part of Vermont. We built doctor’s offices, indoor swimming pools and lots in between. Continue reading Incoming …A Lot In Between

Relationship Changes – Are We Open?

A Word To Hear
A Word To Hear

I often find myself thinking about seasons of goodness, of increased relationship, of tremendous change. I just went through a season, so to speak. It was as if my family pulled in “tight” so to speak. I am in a different season now. It is a season where we have not “lost anything” and I can see the gains, but growth and change are not explosive.

Last week, while we were getting ready to sleep, Jacob asked me “how old is God?” I worked some of the easier answers, but he persisted with “how old is He?” I finally told him a “googleplex and more.” Fortunately he was tired enough, not too much more conversation happened. (When I was a child, I remember being his age and lying in bed in this old farmhouse, thinking about infinity and the universe and feeling the “frustration” of not being able to wrap my brain around it. My teachers were frustrated I would not let up on the topic !) Continue reading Relationship Changes – Are We Open?

A Civil War Dream

Thu, Oct 18, 2012
A few days ago, like so many Americans, I watched the presidential debates. I recorded this yesterday…

Last night I had the Civil War Dream…

Once the screaming stops and your mind comes back to some semblance of reason, you realize “this did not go the way you planned.”

I find there are many areas of my life that could use a tweak. As I showered, I meditated on some things I had read earlier this morning. I will not lie. One of the thoughts was “do I have value?” Some of the things I read just seemed so “out of touch” to me. I can only imagine the first steps of a missionary to a land where his language is not theirs. Where customs and foods and clothing are so different. I feel as though I am in a world where my culture, my upbringing has so little value. I am not complaining, just processing.

In a dream I find myself in Pennsylvania. I am traveling with a young family. We stop on the side of the road. The hillside appears war torn. I sense that even gold has little value here. (Such an unusual thought.) The trees, the rocks, the ground, all cry out for “justice and mercy.” The smell of blood begins to affect my nostrils. I realize that I am picking up the sounds of battle, the cry of the injured and the dying.

The dream begins to pick up pace. Even in the dream I feel my heart pumping. My hands shaking. “What about this family.” I look over at the children, so unaware of what is happening. The parents are starting to take notice. The food they so carefully prepared and put out on the picnic cloth is no longer the focus. The children begin to perceive “noise” from the woods. They start to pull in from the edge of the forest.

I wake up. It took some time to process, but I realized I was picking up “civil war.” The more I contemplated, some of the things I had heard over the years, the more I became sure. First let me define civil war…a war between opposing groups of citizens of the same country. This definition gives me reason for concern. As I look at what some call “class warfare” I see the possibility of civil war. As I see the variances created by parties and the like…I see civil war.

So what changes that? You and I . “Now all these things are from God, who reconciled us to Himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation,” (2 Corinthians 5:18) Folks, it is time to reach out into the streets. God is not a Republican or a Democrat or even a Libertarian. He is God. Maker of Heaven and Earth.

Do, I think ‘civil war” is possible? Absolutely, I do. Do, I think People of faith can stop it? Absolutely. It is time to move our faith to the streets. Instead of seeing how many meetings we can do or how much enjoyment we can receive from God, it is time to “share!”

You may have questions about this and rightfully so. Feel feel to email me or use Facebook to catch up!